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    “Hold It Down” with Houston Dynamo and Dash

    Houston Dynamo

    The Houston Dynamo and Dash organizations recently hosted a delightful culinary experience to kick off their 15th season! In addition to the many upgrades and exciting new features at BBVA Stadium, the concession menu has expanded to include upscale food items. Local media spent the afternoon learning about the organization’s first unified marketing campaign, stadium updates, and upscale culinary additions in the swanky confines of the Audi Sports Club.   “HOLD IT DOWN” | First Unified Marketing Campaign The Houston Dynamo and Dash are pledging to “Hold it Down” for H-Town, as the club 2020 tagline and hashtag. “Hold It…

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    Nom Noir HTX | Houston’s First Black Culinary Tour

    Nom Noir HTX is a culinary tour curated to highlight the delicious and diverse cuisine of Houston’s Historic Third Ward. Lovingly named “The Tre,” the Third Ward is the center of Houston’s African American Community. Tour guests will enjoy delicious…

  • Baked Grapefruit Brown sugar and mint

    Baked Grapefruit with Brown Sugar and Mint

    I find it so interesting to read about trends and fads specifically as it pertains to dieting. As a person who’s never once been on a diet (to lose weight) reading about the trends of 80’s and 90’s dieting is…

  • An open letter to Trauma
    Blog Post

    An open letter to Trauma

    Hello Trauma. Nice to see you again. In life, at some point or another, we all will endure a traumatic episode, whether it be the loss of a parent, child, pet, dissolution of a marriage, etc. We are all destined…

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    Public Relations Partnerships: Five things Influencers hate

    Public Relations Partnerships: Five Things Influencers Hate Have you ever partnered with a public relations agency to promote a concept or brand? Were you pleased with the outcome? Often times public relations agencies form partnerships with bloggers, writers, social media…

  • Top Allergy Friendly Products
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    Top 12 Gluten Free Breakfast Products

    To kick off the new year I created a list of my favorite 50 + gluten-free, vegan and plant-based products. After almost ten months of trial and error, I wanted to share my findings with my followers. Many of you…

  • Ube Cookies
    Gluten Free,  Tastybits

    Gluten Free Ube Cookies | Tastybits

    My Vegan Sweet Potato cookies were one of my most popular recipes of 2019. I decided to kick off the new year and revamp this recipe using ‘Ube’ (purple yams). The recipe steps are the exact same as listed in…