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    Get Healthy with Winter Sweetzᵀᵐ Texas Red Grapefruit

    Winter Sweetzᵀᵐ Texas Red Grapefruit season runs from October to April, with peak sweetness during the winter months of November to March. The temperate climate and abundantly rich soil in the Rio Grande Valley – Mission, Texas to be exact – is what makes their Texas Red Grapefruits so delicious. In an effort to highlight this Texas based brand, as well encourage you to start your new year off right. I’m sharing the health benefits of Winter Sweetzᵀᵐ Texas Red Grapefruit. Winter Sweetzᵀᵐ Texas Red Grapefruit Cheers to a new year! Many of us start the year off with resolutions.…

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    Public Relations Partnerships: Five things Influencers hate

    Public Relations Partnerships: Five Things Influencers Hate Have you ever partnered with a public relations agency to promote a concept or brand? Were you pleased with the outcome? Often times public relations agencies form partnerships with bloggers, writers, social media…

  • Top Allergy Friendly Products
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    Top 12 Gluten Free Breakfast Products

    To kick off the new year I created a list of my favorite 50 + gluten-free, vegan and plant-based products. After almost ten months of trial and error, I wanted to share my findings with my followers. Many of you…

  • Ube Cookies
    Gluten Free,  Tastybits

    Gluten Free Ube Cookies | Tastybits

    My Vegan Sweet Potato cookies were one of my most popular recipes of 2019. I decided to kick off the new year and revamp this recipe using ‘Ube’ (purple yams). The recipe steps are the exact same as listed in…

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    Year in Review: Best of 2019

    I’ve been blogging for five plus years and have never recapped my year. I decided to write a little round-up post featuring my favorite recipes, top blog post, favorite events and travel highlights, biggest achievements and what’s to come; kind…

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    H-E-B MacGregor Market Grand Opening

    Houston there’s a new H-E-B in town! Houston residents gathered to celebrate the much anticipated grand opening of H-E-B MacGregor Market. The North MacGregor and Highway 288 location officially opened to the public yesterday at 6 a.m. Houston’s Historical Third…