#Fall is in the Air & JerryBuilt Burgers has "Pumpkin" Fever

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JerryBuilt Burgers: Made for the People by the People!
— Carly -- Director of Operations
Image: JerryBuilt Marketing

Image: JerryBuilt Marketing

JerryBuilt Burgers has got "Pumpkin" Fever and it has spread all over their menu! Come out this Saturday to try out their fall menu items, which are available at both the West University and Woodlands JerryBuilt locations, include fresh-baked pumpkin bread, an assortment of pumpkin beers, an autumn harvest salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and a spiced pumpkin pecan shake! 

The Autumn Harvest salad is the bomb and to my surprise the house dressing was made by the Director of Operations! I had the pleasure of chatting with Carly and JerryBuilt's PR executive Laura who are both  truly amazing gals. The house dressing consists of local honey, sweet onion, sugar, garlic and white balsamic. The toasted pumpkin seeds, goat cheese and cherry tomatoes really made the salad sing. Not to mention that the tomatoes are grown from 50 year old seeds, which means no GMO's..don't you love that?!..I do!

Autumn Harvest Salad

JerryBuilt's Pumpkin Patch and Farmer's Market will take place at the West University location on October 25th and 26th. Pumpkins of all sizes and a variety of delicious fall produce and merchandise will be available from local vendors, including Riviera Fresh Produce. Any customer that brings their kids to JerryBuilt's West University location from October 25th through Halloween will receive a free pumpkin while supplies last

The "Pumpkinator" from Saint Arnolds

JerryBuilt has a philanthropic spirit and I love any organization that gives back! All proceeds from the pumpkin patch will benefit the Houston Humane Society in support of the symbolic orange ribbon that represents Opposition to Animal Cruelty. 

Another special new menu item at JerryBuilt is Katherine Whaley's "Kat's Mac' N' Cheeseburger, (KTRK-TV)" . Katherine was last month's Homegrown Burger Ambassador Contest winner. As the winner, Katherine's creation will remain on the menu throughout 2014 and $1 of each burger sold will be donated to Kids' Meal Houston! 

Carly, Director of Operations - carly@jerrybuiltburgers.com

Hope to see you this weekend. The weather should be perfect!

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