Blog Bench Mark: Year 1

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When I first started my blog it was a way to share with my friends (mainly my mom's friends) what was happening in the city. They would often call or email her, asking for my advice  on the latest restaurant, happy hour or weekend activity. I valued the fact that they were interested in my opinion for whatever reason, so I started to catalog my eating adventures and this is where they landed. 

During this 1 year journey I've learned several things from some truly amazing folks, and have had some fantastic experiences that I love sharing. Benchmarking this moment is very important, as it will be used to help guide my progress moving forward. 

I am very thankful to all of you who read and subscribe to G&G and hope to hear from you with regards to what you would like to see. Until then I thank you for your support and love.

Happy Eating,


eT Craft Burgers & Beer - Where it's all about YOU!

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Photos courtesy of MMI Agency

eT Craft Burgers and Beer (pronounced "EAT") is an all around awesome concept, that's quick, easy and best of all customizable. Much like other modern fast food concepts, the dining experience starts with a trip to the walk up counter, where you order your choice of 100% customizable burger and beer. eT offers over 10 hand selected craft beers chosen solely by the GM and YOU, the customer. Don't see your favorite beer or have a recommendation...share it with Mike! 

This is not a Sports Bar and there are No TV's. The dining atmosphere is comfortable and casual,  lined with long rectangle tables to accommodate all group sizes. eT promotes a social/family oriented environment  by creating a space for people to talk to one another, without the interference of "bros" in baseball caps, cargo shorts and flips flops shouting at the top of their lungs when their team scores! The only shouting I heard was from a toddler overjoyed with his kids meal..

Although the burger menu is set for guests to craft the classic burger or burger bowl of their dreams, eT also offers house favorites like The Diablo, Malibu BirdWild Turkey burgers as well as seasonal sandwiches like their Chicken Tomatillo. I recommend the Diablo burger for a spicy kick of Beef, Sriracha mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, poblanos, caramelized onions and American cheese. The juicy goodness from the (2) 4 oz. patties (yes, each burger comes with two patties) paired with the jalapenos, poblanos, and avocado was more than delicious. 

Should you not be a "bread" person,  each burger can be customized into a fabulous and equally delicious burger bowl. Their kids meals are the perfect portion for your little ones. 

I find it totally awesome that eT offers catering services. You can order a box of their classic burgers and pick up a growler for your own little eT party at home. A great way to be the talk of the town at your next event. 

Want More? Follow me for an inside peek of eT  & watch  video below. 

WARNING: Uncontrollable Salivation to ensue


What: Burger lovers, this one is for you. Celebrate National Hamburger Day (and month) at eT Craft Burgers & Beer! There’s no better place to observe this burger-loving month than eT, where you can craft your own burger with unlimited toppings. Be one of the first 100 customers on May 28 to mention the secret phrase – “I love National Hamburger Month” – at the register and enjoy your burger free of charge! 

To keep the celebrations going all month long, eT will offer 25 percent off any Craftsman Combo meal – a value of up to $5.25. Simply mention the secret phrase to redeem!

Where: eT Craft Burgers & Beer, 19841 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77065

When: May 28, 11 a.m. (until the first 100 people claim their free burgers). National Hamburger Month promotion is valid all month! 

Downtown Location

600 Travis (Tunnel Level), Houston, TX 77002
(713) 228-3508

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday, 11 AM – 3 PM

Contact Us

Highway 6 at 290 Location

19841 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77065
(281) 807-0200

Hours of Operation:
Every day, 11 AM – 10 PM

Contact Us


Midtown Mystery Tour: Mixology + ART + Grub

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Nothing beats touring Mitdotwn's local hot spots in a party bus, except being served free food and drinks at each stop. Well, as Local Guides these are the types of monthly events we are treated to, as local members of a global community of top reviewers on Google.

This particular event was the Midtown Mystery Tour! The "mystery" being that we didn't know where we were headed once arriving to our first location: Gage - Midtown Lounge.  

Upon arrival to GAGE and after enjoying some mingle time we were broken into groups and assigned a Google Guide. Our guide Joe was super dope. My group ( the Bicycle's) stayed at GAGE for our first stop. Each designated tour point had something fun included.. my group enjoyed a mixology course covering the Old Fashions and Black Russian. After the demo we spent the remainder of the time sipping on samples. 

The second stop for my group was Nouveau (New-Vo) Art Bar. A beautiful venue adorned with one of the largest private collections of reproduction Tiffany lamps, it's magical. There, we were greeted by Art Worthy Houston, easels, paint and blank canvases. These types of activities spike my anxiety level to at least an 8..Maybe if it was "free style" painting I wouldn't be so "cray" about it, but I am horrible at art and following instructions in general. There were other paintings that were  way better than mine. 

The final stop of the night before returning to our cars was Spare Key. This place has been on my list since meeting Partner and Mixologist Chris Frankel at a local cocktail competition. Here we noshed on bites from Cook & Collins and sipped libations from  Mr. Frankel himself.

 Black Eyed Hummus | toasted garlic + feta + roasted garlic oil+ chow chow + flatbread

The food was delicious and just what we needed as was a perfect ending to our night. We were served 7 of the most tasty dishes on the menu!! check the food porn below!    

Duck Tacos | black eyed peas + smokey queso + green tomato salsa + tortillas

Mac & Cheese “Crab Rolls” | crab + sundried tomato + truffle vinaigrette

Sticky Brussel Sprouts candied bacon + parmesan + black pepper

Root Beer BBQ Chicken| smoked gouda + melted onion + pulled chicken + jalapeño preserves +cilantro 

The Fun Guy herb roasted mushrooms + whipped goat cheese + spinach + onion strings + truffle 

Watch my video below highlighting the full experience!! 

Click here to learn about becoming a Google Local Guide..

The Big Kahuna Burger and more... at JerryBuilt Burgers!

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In honor of national Burger Month I stopped in to try out JerryBuilt's new menu items: The Big Khauna and the Summer Berry Salad. In my previous posts about JerryBuilt I go into detail about why I love their burgers  so much. This tasting was total confirmation.

We started with the Summer Berry Salad of which was so beautiful we didn't want to eat it! The salad consists of a spring mix including both kale & spinach. The greens are topped with fresh seasonal berries, goat cheese crumbles, cucumbers, carrots and candied pecans and finished with house-made basil berry vinaigrette. 

The vinaigrette alone is outstanding but when paired with the sweetness of the fruit and salt from the nuts, it sings even more. To top it's a massive salad, so if you're interested in a burger and a salad I suggest you split it with someone. It's the perfect size to share. 

After getting the super healthy stuff out of the way it was time for the star of the show, The Big Kahuna. This toothsome, succulent and wonderfully filling sandwich can be ordered with either chicken or beef and is topped with Teriyaki Glazed Pineapple, Provolone, Mango, Fresh Jalapeño, Bacon, Avocado, and Island Slaw. The perfect combination of unique flavors. 

So which one was better, you ask? While they were both damn good, I would have to go with the beef. The flavors are truly highlighted when paired with the beef, more so than the chicken, in my opinion. Jerrybuilt beef burgers are juicy, so when you mix those juices with the flavors of the pineapple, mango and jalapenos it was fantastic. The chicken, while good, was more of a "layering" versus a fusion of flavors. 

All in all these  2 options are great seasonal adds to the JerryBuilt menu and will be my go-to's when I visit during the summer. I didn't get the chance to get anything sweet but their shakes are worth a try.

Lastly, if you are a college student in need of a financial assistance, JerryBuilt is offering a $2500 scholarship to aid in fueling your dreams. Stop in between now and May 27th for your chance to enter! 

Koval Gin makes its debut in Houston at Johnny's Gold Brick

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Koval Distillery is based in Chicago and specializes in organic whiskeys, liqueurs and spirits. Founded in 2008 this distillery can be found in one of the countries oldest distilleries dating back to the mid-1800's. I attended an event last night that was all about their new Koval Dry Gin.

Johnny's Gold Brick hosted the Koval Dry Gin Kickoff Extravaganza! Where guests were offered a moderate selection of cocktails and shots using the spirit as well as a little education about the Gin and distillery if interested.

Koval Gin is very smooth and is perfect for sipping or as the base of your classic & modern cocktails. In an effort not to over power its subtle flavor with ridiculous mixers and sweet juices the "tenders" at Johnny's Gold Brick played it cool. Offering simple cocktails that highlighted the Gin's notes of Juniper and wildflower. The cocktails were clean, vibrant and crisp, allowing the palate and nose to enjoy and savor its floral body.

The menu consisted of The Gin Old Fashioned, The Bee's Knees, Hanky Panky and Pat's Favorite. In speaking with the guests last night regarding their cocktails, I received mostly the same feedback.. "It's so smooth we didn't even know it was gin." What a compliment. Although I am not a huge gin fan I did try their special menu item "Pat's Favorite", a 2-part shot of Koval Gin paired with a Pickled Carrot Juice "back."  Shots somehow make their way into my mouth and out my nose! 

Check out the video for a snippet of the event and the shot taking action! 

There was quite a bit of "Hanky Panky" happening last night, as that seemed to be the drink of the night.  A classic cocktail made with Koval dry gin, Fernet, Cocchi Torino & turbinado, finished with fresh citrus oil. Fernet flavors are reminiscent of black licorice, so the marriage between that, the dry gin and the exotic vermouth was excellent.

Koval Gin can be found at the Houston Wine Merchant  or at any of the Treadsack affiliates and should totally be added to your spirits collection! 

Johnny's Gold Brick