The Palm Restaurant has a legacy spanning over 90 years of service and with that comes history that money simply can’t buy. I visited the Houston location and instantly fell in love. From the delicious food, impeccable service and fun caricature paintings on the walls The Palm Restaurant – Houston should definitely be added to your list if your looking for tasty seafood, steaks and chops.

The Palm started out in New York as an Italian Restaurant by the “Parma” family. Funny story is that when the first members of the family created the restaurant they were asked what the name of the restaurant was to be, they insisted on calling it “The Parma”, after the family name, but that was lost in translation…hence the Palm.

As history would have it in the 1930’s the “Steak Stone” was one of the restaurants most popular dishes. Consisting of sliced sirloin steak topped with pimento cheese & sauteed onions! During this period The Palm was growing beyond just Italian and had become quite popular for Steaks and Chops. By the 1960’s the 3rd generation of the Parma family struck gold by incorporating their Nova Scotian lobster!

The Palm Restaurant 20151013_190110

We started with Jumbo Shrimp Bruno; three jumbo shrimp française sautéed in a dijon mustard sauce and Bacon Wrapped Scallops with a balsamic and basil reduction. The dijon really added great flavor to the shrimp. There was a little kick of baked in flavor in every bite. Be warned this dish is served right from the oven and it’s HOT! If you are impatient like me you will burn your mouth …twice, for sure.

The Palm Restaurant    The Palm Restaurant

The Palm Restaurant

For the main course we went with the Chilean Sea Bass with corn relish, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with chipotle tartar sauce and mango salsa and the 9 oz. Filet Mignon. The Sea Bass was juicy and the Filet perfectly cooked. I love crab cakes and these were some of the “crabby-ist” ones ever. There was so much lump crab meat that I totally forgot this dish ended with the word “cake.”

The Palm Restaurant

The desserts stole the show. The creme brulee had the perfectly crispy, crunchy caramelized top, but the winner of all is The Palm Restaurant’s CARROT CAKE! I know what you are thinking, who raves about a carrot cake, me!

The Palm Restaurant

This baby here had me singing all night long and the next day. This Big Iced Carrot Cake is 7-layers of cake with cream cheese filling and toasted pecans. it’s perfect for  breakfast!

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