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There is nothing better nor more important than being a mom. Suppose you’d asked me that a few years ago, I may not have felt the same way. Motherhood has a way of putting everything that matters, quickly into focus. When the creator blessed us with our daughter two years ago, I knew my world would forever be different. I lovingly refer to this page as “A Mom blog for Real Moms,” because a real mom is exactly what and I am.



Our daughter teaches us so much. Every day she appears to master a new task, and we love to watch her grow. As an infant, we were always on edge about everything little thing like her first cold, or her diet. We’ve since begun to relax a bit, and it feels so good. She’s becoming a little person now, with her feelings, emotions, and sense of humor. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t have us bent over in laughter at something she’s (knowingly or unknowingly) said or done.

As her mom, I have a great responsibility to ensure that she grows up confident, healthy, and, most importantly, loved. Our journey together at times will be painful, but today, I am approaching all with an open heart and mind.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse of our reality and can find yourself here. The more we realize how much, as moms, we have in common, the stronger we can all be for one another.

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