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A Mom Blog For Real Moms

This space was created for moms (& dads) in search of allergy-friendly recipes, motherhood tips, support, and encouragement. As the mother of a blossoming toddler, I want nothing more than for us moms to see the beauty in each day. It’s important for me as a mom and woman of color to create a platform for those who look like me. A platform that offers them a voice that sounds somewhat like their own.


A Food Allergy Recipe Blog

I’m confident that my food allergy journey is no different than most others. At nine months old, our daughter was diagnosed with food allergy-induced atopic dermatitis. This basically means that certain foods, when ingested, would trigger severe skin inflammation. After several months of monitoring my diet, we realized that harmful allergens were transmitted to her through my breastmilk. That’s when I decided to create a food a dietary allergy recipe blog.  Once it was determined that I was the main trigger for her symptoms, I was determined to do my part to ensure she was healthy.  From that day forward, I removed the bulk of the top 8 allergens from my diet. The majority* of my recipes are gluten, egg, dairy, soy, and nut-free.  

*Any Non-allergy friendly ingredients will be notated. 


Food is the Ultimate Connector

As a wife and mom, I find no greater peace than when seated at the dinner table with my family.  The connection that food creates is one that many take for granted. If I’m not in the kitchen testing (and eating) allergy-friendly recipes or curled up on the couch with my family watching Peppa Pig, I’m out supporting and reporting on Black and minority-owned restaurants and products.

I sincerely thank you for visiting my page. I hope that you can find the support that you need from an allergy-friendly recipe that your family will love, to some essential tips to help your family continue to thrive.







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