“Hey Guys, it’s Gristle & Gossip…”

Hey Guys It’s Gristle & Gossip!

Hey Guys, thanks for stopping by ♥

Gristle & Gossip is dedicated to highlighting local eats scenes, hip hangouts and fun filled foodie

excursions throughout Houston and beyond. Gristle & Gossip is not a chef’s blog. I pride myself on sharing the culinary works of others. My mission is to keep Houstonians and its guests up to speed on the city’s happening grub spots and delicious food stops.  If you’re on the hunt for the Best Rosè, or delicious Indian Food in your area, you’ve come to the right place.

One common question I get about Gristle & Gossip is, “What do you ‘Gossip’ about?” As most tend to err on the side of negativity when they hear that word. Here you will find me chewing the fat about my favorite spots and unforgettable foodie experiences.

It’s important for me as a mom and woman of color, living in the south, to create a platform for women and mothers who look like me. A platform that offers them a voice that sounds somewhat like their own. I pride myself on supporting and reporting on black and minority owned restaurants and products. If you would like to work together, simply drop me a line!

Hope to see you around..

⇒ For Inquiries regarding sponsored posts/Ads, restaurant highlights or other creative collaborations, email me at GristleandGossip@gmail.com





Gristle & Gossip
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Renia S. Butler lives in Houston, Texas by way of Little Rock, Arkansas and works as an Events Professional and Freelance food & events writer. She is also the President of the Houston Food Blogger Collective. Her passion lies in connecting people with delicious food, products (approved) and events within the city and around the country.





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