Score Free Croissants on National Croissant Day

Do you love croissants? The buttery, flaky, viennoiserie-pastry made hot and fresh are the ultimate treat. Monday, January 30 is National Croissant Day. In honor of this carb-filled holiday, read on for croissant recipes, local spots serving croissants and where you can score a free one!


National Croissant Day
Common Bond Bakery

Score a free Croissant @ la Madeleine Café

La Madeleine is giving away a FREE, fresh baked butter croissant to any guest who mentions the special offer. Check out la Madeleine’s top 5 facts about the croissant:

1. The croissant is one of la Madeleine’s most popular pastries, with more than 1.4 million sold (2016).
2. The term “croissant” was named after the French word for crescent, referring to the shape.
3. When Marie Antoinette became queen in the 18th century, she introduced the croissant to France.
4. The croissant became the French national product in 1920.
5. The croissant started as a luxury product, but by the end of the 19th century, it was middle-class (the rich preferred a good brioche).

Croissant Around Town

There are many places in Houston (& surrounding areas) that offer these heavenly treats. If your cruising around the Montrose area, make a pit stop at Common Bond Bakery & Cafe. CBB offers soft and flaky chocolate filled croissants top with crunchy almond slivers, dusted in powdered sugar. One of my favorite bakeries in southeast Houston for Cuernitos y Pan Dulce is El Bolillo. Their walls are lined with all sorts of fresh baked breads and pastries.  You can find both savory and sweet croissants here, and can never go wrong with their Mini Cuernitos de Azúcar!  Not only does Mi Pueblito serve delicious, traditional Colombian food their bakery offers a variety of Colombian desserts and breads, including fresh baked croissants.

Croissants, DIY Style

A few of my favorite bloggers have some taste-bud teasing croissant recipes. If you’d rather make your own, more power to you!  Food writer and photographer, Bintu of Recipes from a Pantry, show us how to make Easy Croissant and Fruit Breakfast pots! Author and baker Paul Hollywood  has a recipe for sinful Cherry Croissant Pudding that shouldn’t be ignored. Nichole Hunn of Gluten Free on a Shoestring has a melt in your mouth, gluten free croissant recipe!

I hope you enjoy National Croissant Day!



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