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Fielding’s Wood Grill: The Best Brunch in the Woodlands

If you are looking for the best brunch in the Woodlands then look no further, Fielding’s Wood Grill is where you need to be.  Serving up tasty, inexpensive brunch from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm they definitely need to be on your list of Woodlands brunch spots.

Mimosa Flight

Fielding’s is one of my favorite Woodlands brunch spots. In addition to brunch they offer Lunch and Dinner. This place gets super packed so plan your weekend accordingly. Just a side note that map quest will have you driving in circles  looking for this place. Fielding’s is located in the same parking lot as Valero not across the street near the bank. 


Fielding’s Woodlands has a full bar with both Happy Hour and Reverse Happy Hour (Bar only)  Monday – Friday from 3:00pm to 6:30pm and from 9:00pm to close. Select beers are $3, Select wines are $4 and all Specialty Cocktails are 1/2 off. They also have bar bites starting at $3 bucks!  You can’t beat these prices and if you know a place that can please share with me in the comments section!


One main reason Fielding’s is one of my favorite Woodlands brunch spots is the booze. There is something about “day drinking” that makes my heart sing and at Fielding’s there was a lot of singing going on. My Brunch Buddy and I decided that we were going to tackle the Fielding’s Mimosa Flights that consisted of four ABSOLUTELY AMAZING mimosa concoctions.

  • Hôtel Ritz Mimosa- fresh orange juice, sparkling wine
  • St. Germain Mimosa – fresh orange juice, elderflower liqueur and sparkling wine
  • Pomegranate Mimosa – infused 1876 vodka, fresh blueberries, sparkling wine, orange juice
  • Grapefruit Mimosa – Deep Eddy grapefruit vodka, sparkling wine, pure cane syrup, Texas pink grapefruit juice

The Pomegranate and St. Germain were my top two favorites. They were so good and I was so sad at how tiny the glasses were. Flights are always perfect. Just enough to get you hooked. Sort of like crack, except the first one was NOT Free.





My brunch buddy’s fiance was in attendance. He ordered the Bloody Bacon . I knew I should have just taken a sip so I could report  back but I didn’t. When I asked him what it taste like he said “meat.”

Woodlands brunch spots
Bloody Bacon

The brunch menu has the best prices I’ve seen and I didn’t have to drive all the way to the city to get them. Actually, I have never seen prices this cheap during brunch. That is certainly a PLUS!

Being a “food blogger” I never really know how to inform my dining companions that at some point during our meal I will be asking for some of your food. I prefer to call myself a “researcher,” my friends call me greedy.


I was feeling healthy and thought I would try the Vegetarian Skillet. As everyone else’s food began to arrive, I wondered if I had made the wrong choice. “Should I have gotten a burger or the French Toast?” I asked myself.. will I be satisfied with this KALE? The answer was KALE YEA! This skillet was so flavorful, filling and healthy the corn arepa was a perfect pairing. I was in heaven at first bite.

The Vegetarian Skillet –  fried corn, baby kale, tomatoes, poblanos, avocado, chili lime $5

The “Smoke” Burger was ordered and it looked and smelled so good that I was salivating while eating my kale and corn! The Onion rings were crisp and gigantic, the burger was juicy, smokey, charred, flavorful and “weird”.. something about the smoke made it taste weird.

The “Smoke” Burger –  house grilled bacon, aged Italian provolone, oven dried tomatoes, grilled onions, fried egg, truffle bacon mustard, lettuce, milk bun $13

My husband ordered the French Toast and let me eat his scraps because he loves me. When I tasted them I was instantly reminded of those cheese cake brownies that my uncle Van would make me when I was little. As I eyed the French Toast further I noticed there was no syrup.. you can’t have french toast with out syrup.. that makes the French mad! But after eating what was left on my husbands plate I quickly confirmed that you didn’t need any.  They were delicious WITHOUT syrup. Think of all the calories you save this way.


YOU HAVE TO add Fielding’s to your Woodlands Brunch spots lists!!

  • French Toast- $8
  • Vegetarian Skillet – $5
  • Smoke Burger – $13
  • Mimosa Flights – $19.75
  • Bloody Bacon – $8


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