Defining Quality: World’s Best Bars with Gregory Buda + Ginger & Fork

What are the qualities of a good cocktail? Its appearance, the spirits used, or  does it all come down to the taste? Interestingly enough, these are the same qualities used when selecting a good bar. A place with a well rounded food menu, an enjoyable atmosphere, and a bar that’s reasonably stocked fall into that category.


To kick off their grand opening, Ginger & Fork owner and culinary director, Mary Li hosted an intimate group of industry folk to a bar side conversation with Gregory Buda. He is bartender and Director of Education at NYC’s Dead Rabbit; One of the World’s Best Bars. Guests bellied up to the bar for an evening of cocktail demonstrations, Asian inspired offerings, and a lesson on quality.

The question” what makes a good bar?”, is a bit subjective. Mainly because we all have our own needs. A good bar is more than good drinks. it’s an experience. And three important contributing factors to that experience are quality, consistency and service.

Gregory stated  that a good bar not only has great cocktails, but also a proper bar program built around technique. He shared three key points when defining a good bar :

  1. Consistency: Do the drinks taste the same at each visit?
  2. Efficiency: Are the cocktails executed well?
  3. Quality: How do the drinks taste?


These qualities also apply to bar programs offering food. Is the food quality consistent, is it cooked properly, does it taste good?

World's Best Bars
“Cha Sui” Duck Sliders


In honor of their friend Gregory’s visit, Ginger & Fork will be offering a few Dead Rabbit classics alongside some of their signatures cocktails & bites, during tonight’s grand opening.

Ginger & Fork offers a menu of savory Cantonese comfort that pairs perfectly with their craft cocktails. The “Cha Sui” duck sliders were outrageous. The subtle sweetness and soft cotton like texture of the steam bun was so good. Literally melted in my mouth.

Ginger & Fork’s Panama Daiquiri and Dragon Fire are two cocktails that are sure to knock your socks off. The sugar cane used in the daiquiri is shipped in from Hong Kong, and the Dragon Fire’s base of muddled dragon fruit is what creates it’s unique electric purple appearance.

World's Best Bars
Dragon Fire

The Dead Rabbit is famous for “split-based” cocktails and minimal garnish. Their drinks typically consist of a bourbon or cognac base, and are defined as “boozy”. The Pistache Fizz is a classic, overly shaken gin based cocktail with egg white, green tea syrup and eucalyptus. The pistachio simple syrup was something I’d never experienced. It’s thick, rich, nutty flavor was quite enjoyable.  Also from Dead Rabbit collection is the Pub Thug, a Bulliet Rye Whiskey and Pierre Ferrand 1840 Rye Cognac split. It has the potentially to sprout hair on your chest!


World's Best Bars
The Pub Thug
Gregory Buda, bartender and Director of Education for the Dead Rabbit & BlackTail, in New York City will be the Guest Bartender from 5 -10 pm on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, at the grand opening of Ginger & Fork – 4705 Inker. Please call to make your reservation. For more information, or reservations, please call 713-861-8883 or visit www.GingerAndForkRestaurant.com.

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