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Two key factor when reviewing a Houston seafood restaurant are quality seafood and service! When your server can rattle off three of their favorite dishes on the menu without hesitation, you are at a great restaurant. Efficient service makes life so much easier and speeds up the ordering process.  I’ve learned that the quicker you order, the sooner your food comes!

I visited Danton’s Gulf coast  Kitchen restaurant for this first time during lunch hour and really enjoyed the ambiance. The dark wood and the sounds of “funky jazz” in the background..and when I say “Funky” I mean it! I swear I was dancing in my seat to the Father of Soul himself, Mr. James Brown while thumbing through the 2 paged menu.


My lunch crew ordered a variety of items based off of our server Amanda M.’s recommendations. The Poblano Soup, The Kyle Crab Salad, The Blackened Catfish enchiladas (who could say no to this?) and The Poboy with grilled shrimp are highly suggested. My lunch mate mentioned that the gumbo had a weird taste to it, so maybe skip that, but everything else got rave reviews.

The Poblano Soup (Soup of the day) was amazing with huge pieces of succulent crab meat, tortilla chips and just the right amount of cheese. In the culinary world fish and cheese is a no-no but in this case it was a “Yes-Yes!”

Kyle’s Crab Salad has to be on your list, it even comes in a small order so you can mix it up a bit and order other things. The crab was a perfect pairing with the avocado I requested and the garlic remoulade sealed the deal! The salad comes topped with Danton’s special fried sweet potato strings that add that crunch you crave when eating a salad.

The Blackened Catfish Enchiladas were possibly the best seafood enchiladas I’ve tasted. I didn’t order this so I only got a bite, but that bite was the bomb. Served with black beans and rice this signature dish wont leave you feeling full and weighted down like a beef or cheese enchilada but simply happy!

The Poboy was described as “just a poboy” by my lunch date. In my opinion one of the best places I have had a poboy was BB’s Kitchen.

If you’re looking for tasty Houston Seafood Make sure to visit Danton’s. Their  Happy Hour is righteous too!  Where else can you get Oyster’s $10 a dozen or single oysters for .90 cents each??

 Happy Hour Monday-Friday 4:00-7:00p and Saturday from 2:00-7:00p

Danton’s Gulf Coast Seafood Kitchen
4611 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas
Phone: (713) 807-8883, (713) 807-8889

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