Tejas Local and Fresh: Canino Produce – Houston Farmers Market

Located in Independence Heights Canino Local Produce is a classic Houston Farmers market is a true hidden gem. I am over the moon since discovering this place. The fresh fruit and vegetables are so radiant, and the atmosphere is unlike anything I ever thought would be right in my back yard.


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Canino Produce, a local Houston farmers market, is know for its vast assortments of nuts, seasonal fruit, spices, vegetables and fresh herbs. Most prices at the Houston farmers market rival your local grocer, but offer a better quality! The “nut shop” at the market’s main entrance is my favorite. You can purchase your nuts in bulk, shelled or not. Canino Produce will also husk nuts not purchased at the market.  Most anything can be found at the Farmers Market.  The only thing we couldn’t find was fresh sage, but why did my mom need that anyway?


In addition to the fruits and vegetables, there’s tons of Mexican dried fruits and candies.  The chili mangoes are my favorite. Every time I visit this Houston farmers market I purchase a 1/4 lb bag of them. Usually by the time I pack up and head home I have eaten the whole bag. Additionally, the are fried chili limon peanuts, and spicy-sweet tamarind fruit.


In our current society homeopathic remedies are becoming more popular. Canino’s sales homeopathic teas that assist with depression, ulcers, alcoholism, etc. I am totally not a doctor. This is not medical advice. If you suffer from something less complex like allergies, try some of the tea before spending all your cash on over the counter medications.

Canino Produce is open 6am to 8pm daily except Thanksgiving, Christmas, December 25 & December 26.

There is a private parking lot, but it can be a bit hectic depending on when you go!

Houston’s Farmers Market

2520 Airline Dr
Houston, TX 77009












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