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Black & White: Mediterranean fare and Seafood

 Black & White: Honest Seafood and Mediterranean fare


Black & White is a contemporary, dual concept restaurant featuring international seafood & Euro Mediterranean fare.  Its “two concepts under one roof” theme offers guests the White seafood offerings and the Black Mediterranean fare. Their motto: providing the best food experience in conjunction with a relaxed and laid back ambiance. Their unpretentious yet savory dishes are served with pride and prepared with the best ingredients possible. 

I visited B&W for a dear friends birthday. Our party size was a whopping 13 in total. With that large of a party you can’t help but to assume the worst. Service is going to suck and the bill is going to be all out of whack and unable to be split, leaving us all to play the “who ordered what game.” I hate that game! Although there were a few hiccups I enjoyed my food, cocktails and company.

 Black & White: Honest Seafood and Mediterranean fare

I watched the dishes as they came out of the kitchen to truly determine what the courses looked like. I noticed the Nostro Polpo pass my area and it looked delicious and fun so I ordered it. The fried octopus tentacles were lightly seasoned with paprika, clove, salt, olive oil and a dash of lemon zest, served on a bed of mashed potatoes.

As we were such a large party our food was flying out in whatever order worked for the kitchen. So a couple of the other dinner guests had warned me that the mashed potatoes were bland. Quite disappointing to hear, especially as my order had already been placed. Surprisingly though, my potatoes were tasty! I did have to add a little salt & pepper but the spices used on my octopus enhanced the flavors of the dish and potatoes. Octopus tend to be very chewy, so if you don’t care for that texture I don’t recommend this dish, but otherwise I say go for it!

 Black & White: Honest Seafood and Mediterranean fare

The “Ensenada” Fish Tacos  looked and smelled delicious. You get three battered fish cuts on flour tortillas, with pico de gallo, chipotle mayo, refried beans, lettuce and avocado. One of my HUSBAND’S friends (not mine) ordered this and for whatever reason requested no avocado. Hence why he’s my husband’s friend and not mine, he’s clearly nuts… but I digress..

My husband preferred the “Mediterranean fare” side of the menu and ordered the Mediterranean Ceviche, a mix of Spanish octopus, lobster tail, shrimp, mussels, and calamari, with bell peppers. It was so fresh and perfectly acidic. I wanted to asked for more but decided I would wait for my meal. By the time I looked up his bowl was empty. The bread basket came in handy to soak up the remaining juices…from what I heard. LOL..

 Black & White: Honest Seafood and Mediterranean fare

I overheard a bulk of folks in our group state that Black & White wouldn’t necessarily be a place they’d return for food, but that they would certainly be back for the cocktails and bar life. I could totally agree with that as the cocktails I tasted were delicious.

 Black & White: Honest Seafood and Mediterranean fare    Black & White: Honest Seafood and Mediterranean fare  Black & White: Honest Seafood and Mediterranean fare


My drink order got mixed up and I was served the Pomegranate Mojito instead of the Raspberry Limoncello. It was good, reminded me of a sweet tart. When I finally did receive my drink of choice, I was in heaven. I absolutely love Limoncello and usually drink it with a splash of prosecco. This recipe called for a sweet fresh raspberry infusion of which I welcomed. The cocktail is light and slightly sweet with a subtle lemon finish. I gave it 4 stars! The B&W Gin & Tonic was a hit. The classic mix of Hendrick’s gin, Indian Fever-Tree tonic,  juniper berries and cucumber can’t be beat.

Black & white also offers a kids menu, brunch and interesting desserts of which I will have to go back to try. I am not sure if Happy Happy is offered here, but I have provided their hours, just in case.

“Black & White is actually more than worth a visit” – Houston Press

Read their review here! 


Mondays – Saturdays
05:00pm to 10:00pm

11:00am to 04:00pm

1001 Studewood,
Houston, Texas



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