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At Sweet Revenge Bake Shoppe you will find decadently delicious baked goods.  Sweet Revenge Bake Shop specializes in hand make wedding cakes, pastries, cupcakes and much more. Located in the Woodlands Texas, this sweet shop should certainty be added to your list of Best Bakeries in the Woodlands.

Sweet Revenge Bake Shoppe is one of the best bakeries in the Woodlands. It can be a bit tricky to locate but once you find it your belly will thank you. Located near St. Luke’s Hospital – Woodlands this quaint, sugary shoppe is ready for you to have a closer look inside. Sweet Revenge Bake Shoppe makes fresh, baked goods daily. You can find anything from cupcakes and cookies to delectable, bite sized petit fours. The cupcakes are so soft and moist that they put other big named Houston based cupcakeries to shame. They are made from scratch and topped with light and airy butter-creamy love.



The Lemon Raspberry was by far my favorite. Being a sucker for lemon, I couldn’t resist. The center of this cupcake was filled with a mixture of raspberry and lemon puree, both of which are imported from Italy! You can totally taste the limoncello flavors in each bite. It’s more of a sweet, rich lemon, vs. a bitter “pucker”, artificial flavored lemon. The Rocky Road and Chocolate Celebration are for those chocolate lovers out there. YOU will love these two chocolaty choices. The Rocky Road was my favorite of the two..I mean..how can one go wrong with chocolate, marshmallows and walnuts?..exactly..

Sadly, I didn’t taste the Samoa Cupcake, but fret not, I was able to get a report from my mother in law who said her cupcake was sinfully good! If you love coconut, chocolate and caramel go with the Samoa. The Banana Split Cupcake was beyond words. Who would have ever thought that a banana cupcake could be so good? With the incorporation of pineapple and chocolate bits, I felt like a kid again! The Cookie Explosion was a creative and fun spin on the classic cupcake. It’s a vanilla cake with a cookie center. This is a great choice for you “cookie monsters” out there, it’s even topped with cookie crumbles… yum!

The Black Forest would be a close second favorite for me. There was a gooey cherry center that when paired with the soft, moist chocolate cake made one hell of a “mouth party.” Sweet Revenge also has cookies, petit fours and brownie/dessert bars. The lemon bars were a treat. Sweet and buttery with a soft gooey texture. I tell you Sweet Revenge Bake Shoppe’s lemon baked goods are like none other.

When it comes to selecting sweets or making decisions about anything food related, I am easily overwhelmed. So instead of going through that and making a hard-life choice regarding which cupcake to leave behind (as they all looked so sad and alone behind the glass. One of them even said my name.. I heard it!) I bought them all..one of each..and this ladies and gentlemen is why my pants don’t fit.

Make sure to visit Sweet Revenge Bake Shoppe, one of the best bakeries in the Woodlands. The owners are amazing and super friendly. They go the extra mile to ensure that you enjoy your experience and truly love your cupcakes. There is nothing I admire more than people who love what they create, and this team sure does!




Contact Sweet Revenge Bake Shoppe

3091 College Park Drive, Suite 180

The Woodlands, TX  77384


Email: Info@sweetrevengebakeshoppe.com

Tuesday-Saturday 8am-7pm (or until we sell out)


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