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Baby’s First Cold: Survival guide| 6 essential products new moms swear by | Mama

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One of the worst times in a new mom’s life is when her child is sick! For new mom’s it’s possibly 10 times worse. Our six month old recently came down with her first cold and I may or may not have cried every night. In hindsight it was probably worse on me than her. In this post you will find the 6 essential products I used (in moderation) to combat my baby’s first cold. I am not a doctor and recommend that you talk to your baby’s pediatrician before administering cold medicine.

My husband and I  strive to only give our daughter natural and/or organic products. We even attempted to let this cold “run its course.” Your baby’s first cold can be really scary. The most important advice I would give a new mom during this time is to keep cool. More often than not, your little angel will be fine in a couple weeks. These 6 essential products will help combat your baby’s first cold.


  • fussiness
  • fever
  • coughing, especially at night
  • sneezing
  • reduced appetite
  • difficulty nursing or taking a bottle due to nasal congestion
  • trouble falling or staying asleep
All products can be found via amazon. Links are included at the bottom of this post. 

A common phrase here in Houston is,”If you don’t like the weather, give it 5 minutes and it will change.” During the winter months you may wake up to freezing temps, but by lunch time it’s 80 degrees. These bipolar temperatures are one of the main attributes to colds in baby’s. Another factor is daycare. Once one child gets sick, it spreads likes wildfire! We were very lucky that Emory only suffered from minor congestion, a slight fever and cough. As she is exclusively breastfed, the following suggested products allowed her to nurse a bit better as well.


In an attempt to help your baby recover, they need to get as much rest as possible. It’s really difficult for them to do so when they can’t breathe. Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub was a Godsend. It’s menthol free making it safe to use on small children. I rubbed a little on Emory’s chest, the soles of her feet and under her nose as needed. I also found a product called “Oilogic” at my local pharmacy. Oilogic is a hand-made essential oil roll-on that naturally assist with common cold (and other) symptoms. We used the stuffy nose and cough vapor bath before bed time.

Due to the fact that our daughter is only 6 months, we refrain from daily warm baths. On the night’s when she was stuffy and couldn’t sleep a steamy bathroom did the trick. The steam really helped with her nasal congestion. We’d put her in her bouncer and read (or sing) to her.

The steam loosens up the mucous in her nose, allowing us to easily suction it out. I prefer the Nose Frida vs. the old school, blue suction bulbs. Emory on the other hand, would rather I not use either. She only lets her dad fidget with her nose, but when she allows me to, I use the Nose Frida paired with Little Remedies Saline Drops.


Before you get too concerned about your baby’s temperature, it’s important to know what is actually considered a fever. Many people believe anything over 98.6 degrees F is a fever. But that is not accurate. Our body temperatures fluctuate throughout the day. Babies and children can have even larger variations in their “normal” temperature.

Unless your child has an underlying medical condition and his healthcare provider has told you otherwise, a temperature is not considered a fever until it is over 100.3 degrees F. So if you are concerned because your child’s temperature is 99.9, don’t be.

Thankfully, our baby’s first cold didn’t occur until she was 6 months. Most medicine is safe for babies 6 months and older. We administered a few doses of Motrin Infant Drops (contains Ibuprofen) during the daytime hours, to bring her temperature down and help her rest.


Watching my baby cough, scare herself and then cry, was the hardest thing I had to endure throughout this process. I highly recommend Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Tiny Cold Syrup. I cut the dose in half to monitor its effects, and tasted it before administering. Hyland’s Tiny cold Syrup reduced Emory’s coughing almost immediately, allowing her to get a good nights rest, and didn’t make her so groggy that she slept through her night time feedings. This kid nurses throughout the night, every three hours like a champ.

Baby’s first cold will certainly not be the last, but I hope my Baby’s First Cold: Survival guide will provide some help in feeling prepared.

What advice helped you get through baby’s first cold?


This post provides content and discussion related to health, wellness, and related subjects. The words and other content provided in this blog including links, should not be considered medical advice and should not be construed as such. Any health/wellness information should not be considered an alternative or replacement for information given to you by a licensed physician. If the reader or any other person has a medical concern, he or she should consult with a licensed physi­cian.

The 6 essential products new mom’s swear by!



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