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Black Bloggers Do… Etoile Cusine et Bar

Etoile Cuisine et Bar is a sophisticated French eatery with a modern farmhouse interior serving traditional & seasonal menus. Their Houston Restaurant Weeks menu was by far one of the best brunch lineups I’d seen AND I heard via my girls over at Urban Swank, that their cocktails were the bomb as well.

Etoile Cusine et Bar

Black Bloggers Do  – Houston Restaurant Weeks

It’s always nice to be among individuals that share the same passion as you, especially when that passion is food. This past weekend I invited a group of fellow bloggers whose work I honestly admire, to enjoy a nice brunch in honor of Houston Restaurant Weeks. Below is just a little glimpse into the first of many “Black Bloggers Do” events!

Etoile Cusine et Bar


Etoile Cuisine et Bar is so simple and elegant, with the warm lighting, beautiful bar and mute palette. Upon arrival we were escorted to our private area in the back and enjoyed watching our food being prepared as Etoile has somewhat of an open kitchen.

Once the remainder of the bloggers arrived we took a couple glances at the menu and placed our orders. We were ready for 3 courses of fine french fare.

Oddly enough we all had our cameras out ready to take photos of our first course, but once we realized we all ordered the exact same thing we were able to snap one picture and enjoy. That rarely happens so we welcomed the fact that we may actually get to eat our food while it was still hot.

The TARTINE DE BRIE ET POIRES, CARAMEL POIVRÈ consisted of a brie crostini, anjou pears, arugula and honey pepper. The soft, melty brie, ripe pears and honey pepper was a delicious trio. It soaked into the bread creating one warm, soft, sweet bite. I could have done with out the arugula but whatever.

Etoile Cusine et Bar

I made it my mission to order one of their cocktails..because who does brunch without at least one adult beverage? I opted for the Watermelon Cooler of which was listed in Zagat’s  “10 Must-Try Watermelon Cocktails in Houston”  article . They described the cocktail as “the two quintessential summer ingredients coming together in a herbaceous tipple made with fresh-squeezed watermelon juice, basil, gin, house made lemonade and club soda.” It was totally refreshing and perfect on a hot day. The ripe watermelon garnish was icing on the cake.

Etoile Cusine et Bar

My second course knocked it out of the was just perfect. I am a huge fan of eggs, so I couldn’t pass up the OEUF BÉNÉDICTE AU SAUMON FUMÉ, eggs benedict with salmon, potatoes and french citrus hollandaise. The egg was perfectly runny and the citrus hollandaise made the whole eating experience quite pleasurable. You can tell when the eggs are cooked properly by how easily the yolk is absorbed into the English muffin.

Etoile Cusine et Bar

The dessert course is always my favorite but I will tell you that Etoile doesn’t make the choice easy with their Chocolate Custard, Mixed berries with Pistachio ice cream and Vanilla Floating island as options. This is where dining with a group comes in handy, as I was able to see and taste all 3!

I personally ordered the SALADE DE FRUIT D’ÉTÉ: mixed berries, strawberry coulis, pistachio ice cream. The Ice cream was sweet and as smooth as silk, it had some great flavor to it.

Etoile Cusine et Bar

The bulk of the table ordered the ÎLES FLOTTANTES À LA VANILLE: vanilla floating island, caramel sauce, toasted almonds.. no one ate it..LOL!! They all mentioned that the consistency of the “island” was displeasing to their palates. Meringue does have a funny texture to it but to me it was reminiscent of that “foam” like topping on Furr’s cream pies. Our server was very kind and graciously swapped out the desserts of those that wanted to try something else.

Etoile Cusine et Bar

This was by far one of the best meetings of like minds that I’ve been a part of. If you are a blogger and would like to join the “Black Bloggers Do,”mailing list click here. Who knows what we will be DOING at the next one! For more on Etoile click here!

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