Classic Mixology is bringing sexy back at Stone’s Throw


Stone’s Throw is one of Houston’s newest Cocktail lounges where classic mixology meets sexy. I attended a private event  for the debut of  their new Spring cocktail menu and it totally knocked my socks off! The man of the hour was Stone’s Throw Mixologist Caleb G. who is not only super sweet but is also knowledgeable about his drinks, the concepts behind them and why he loves them so much! He served 6 of the finest spring sips in town and I can’t wait to share his lineup with you and go back to taste them all over again!

Stone’s Throw is located in the heart  of the Montrose area (directly across the street from Anvil)  and offers a chill atmosphere for all types of “sippers”. There is a patio for the fellas to enjoy their spirits and stogies and an intimate second floor for the more “introverted” sipper who prefers a little more intimate space. The vibe is “masculine and sexy” with soft yellow lighting and black wrought iron accents.

The bar is breathtaking at night and is a piece of fine craftsmanship. The chocolate wood and bronze enhancements are so elegant.. I was drawn to it like a magnet when I walked in.  I find that I am also a sucker for chandeliers and the ones here were simply gorgeous and PERFECT for the atmosphere.. soft.subtle.sexy!

Now let’s talk about the DRINKS!!

Stone’s Throw has a great beer menu  consisting of a variety of classic beers from some of my favorite  brewery’s like 512, Saint Arnold’s and Independence.  At this particular event we did not taste beers only their new cocktails, but I will be back for them..don’t worry.

The menu for the Spring cocktail preview consisted of 6 original creations that incorporated fresh, tasty and unique ingredients.

We were served the following 6 cocktails: Pisco Punch, Gold Rush, Stone’s Shandy, Dark Phoenix, Stone’s Throw Punch and The Santa Poca. They were all exceptionally yummy and made with love. Oh, they were cute too!


Two of my favorites were the Stone’s Shandy and the Gold Rush! Being a beer enthusiast I was overjoyed when I read that the Stone’s Shandy had both vodka and pale ale as its ingredients. It was shockingly smooth and light. I could drink this to death!


The Gold Rush is a mix of Bulleit burbon, lemon juice, agave nectar and soda water..and it went down like water. Very crisp.. this will be my go to drink when the Spring hits!


If you are a sucker for fresh fruit garnish you will love Stone’s throw. My heart skips a beat when I see blueberries, cherries and herbs like basil and mint in my drink, because I know it’s going to be bodiful and unique. In addition to the great drinks they have put a creative spin on your traditional happy hour. With what they call a “progressive happy hour” where the drink price matches the hour from 4 – 7p.


They also have great daily specials. You will catch me there on Sundays because I love champagne and Caleb (Mixologist) said at Stone’s Throw they “do it big” on Champagne Sundays.

Stone’s Throw doesn’t have a food menu but they do have Bacon Burbon Caramel Corn & Spicy Mixed Nuts for $4. Eat before you get there or put a granola bar in your pocket. These drinks are strong and believe me when I say you won’t be able to have just one!


In addition to the items I tasted I hear that the best seller is their Ginger Rogers because they make their own ginger beer..how can you not love that!

#Cheers.. Drink responsibly..

Special thanks to The Stone’s Throw gang Hunter, Shawn, Caleb and Sara for showing us great a time! 

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