Whitmeyer’s Distilling Co. – Harris County’s First Distillery

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There is nothing like sipping Whiskey in the afternoon, unless that is, you happen to be sipping local Texas the afternoon. That’s pure divinity. I attended a private tasting with fellow blogger The Drunken Diva and enjoyed every drip, drop and sip!

Nestled off of Hollister St. on the North Side of Houston, Whitmeyer’s Distilling Co. is producing some of the tastiest Whiskey in Harris County. In addition to Whitmeyer’s Texas Single Barrel whiskey they also bottle and sale Whitmeyer’s Moonshine Reserve, Sassafrass Gin and Spacecity Vodka.


One of my favorite items was Whitmeyer’s special Texas Peach Flavored Whiskey. It’s just something about “peach” that makes me feel like summer time is just around the corner. The flavor of this whiskey transported me to a place of green grass, warm weather and a lazy breeze; Where a Peach Whiskey Smash would make for the perfect companion.


Their Sassafrass Gin was by far #1 with the crowd. I have a very weak stomach when it comes to gin so I had to just trust their word for it. I can tell that the Sassafrass wood used to make the gin creates a gentle green color, I hadn’t seen that before in your typical off the shelf gin.  It still smelled like gin though, to which my entire body said “no.”

IMG_20150219_162337Whitmeyer’s is not only a distillery churning out fine whiskey but it can also be rented and used as an intimate event venue. For $500 you can reserve the distillery for up to 3 hours. You can treat your guests to tours and whiskey and other drinks from the bar,  bring in your own food, entertainment, music etc. Whitmeyer’s paired with your friends and family sounds like the perfect party to me!

20150219_145703If you have questions about products, retail or reserving Whitmeyer’s for your next girls/guys night out contact Travis the resident “Distilling Ninja” for assistance. Read more from The Drunken Diva in her column over at Public News Online!


Find her Whitmeyer Review on page 14.

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