Private Dinner with Chef Tarsha Gary of CRAVE Gourmet Bakery and Catered Cafe



A select group of 11 friends were treated to a private, 3-course meal with Executive Chef/Owner of CRAVE Gourmet Bakery and Catered Cafe, Chef Tarsha Gary. From the elegant plating and decor, to the scrumptious food, we all walked away happily stuffed. The quality of her food speaks true to her vision. As our meal consisted of FRESH and flavorful items made with love.

Prior to dinner service we were treat to wine pairings that were specifically selected as enhancers, that could be sipped..or gulped.. throughout the meal. We chose the latter.


Our first course consisted of a Shrimp Frisee Salad w/ Cashew & Cuban Oregano Encrusted Goat Cheese Medallion, Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes and English Cucumbers, served with French Toast Point. We could have simply eaten the toast points and goat cheese by themselves.


The shrimp was perfectly seasoned and there was just enough salad dressing leaving the Frisee light and palatable vs. soggy and over dressed. There is nothing worse than a mushy, wet salad.

For the entree we were served  Chicken Espinaca (spinach) Roulade w/ White Wine Shallot Sauce and Variegated Squash (Butternut, Yellow and Zucchini) and Roasted Red Pepper. The vegetables were seasoned and sauteed to perfection, allowing us to savor the true flavors of these vegetables.


I have never been a fan of bell peppers, especially red and yellow, but these were almost sweet. The flavor profile of the peppers meshed well with the sweetness of the butternut squash which is by far one of my favorite fall/autumn vegetables.

As this was a celebration of life for a couple of September birthday’s our desserts came with candles and a song.. or at least I think there was singing.. by this point I’d had at least a bottle of wine..someone was singing..I swear.

The dessert was by far my favorite course of the night as I am all about sweets, cakes, cookies and pies. When Chef’s Floating Poached Pear with Meringue Encrusted Pound Cake w/ Blueberry Compote showed up on the tables, we were all wowed.


The creativity behind the dish was top notch and I love when Chefs serve desserts that you can’t get everywhere. I get so sick of seeing bread puddings and trifles on seasonal dessert menus…how boring.  This was totally outside of the box and we welcomed that!


““I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.””

— Maya Angelou

In life you are blessed to have a few “good” friends and for these women I am forever grateful. Their passion, kindness, sincerity, and fervor for making the world a better place makes me happy to be a part of the “circle”

About the Chef Tarsha Gary:

crave President and Founder of Ecotone, a “green vision” catalyst offering tangible solutions to address the needs of urban communities in areas of sustainability & economic development; urban agriculture, and health & nutrition, Chef Tarsha strives to expand youth awareness of the importance of organic urban agriculture, good nutrition and life skills.

Reply September 27, 2014

Likewise, it was my pleasure to meet and be at your service. Thanks for your kind words and compliments! "Gristle & Gossip" is quite a catchy blog! I look forward to following your future posts. All the best, Chef Tarsha Gary

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