Magpie Cafe


Magpie Cafe was our first stop on the road as we headed to Alabama. It’s located in Baton Rouge, LA, I read about it on yelp and it seemed like a neat little trinket. I have learned that you can never go wrong when eating locally produced ingredients .

“ When in doubt eat fresh”

— Chef Monica Pope – Sparrow Bar + Cookshop


The weather was amazing.. a bit cooler than Houston, so we decided to sit inside. This appears to be a popular hang out for the students in the area. I think LSU is up the street.



I get my sweet tooth (among many other things) from my mom and I can always count on her to get “dessert for the road”. So when she returned to the table with a cookie, I wasn’t surprised.  She bought  a Paleo Cookie.. tasted it and said ” this cookie tastes interesting.” It wasn’t until hours later that I realized she had no idea that Paleo wasn’t a flavor or baking method but a diet. HILARIOUS!! I love her.


Magpie is small and most people were engrossed with school work. They also have free wi-fi which makes it not only a hot spot for students who need it but for travelers like me! I was able to whip out my laptop and get some things done while I ate.. and my mom was able to play candy crush!


They have the latest in local and organic sweet treats, chocolate bars and juices. I am always tickled by the unique names they come up with for some of this stuff.. like the “Kale Yea” Or “What the Kale” Juice. I use those phrases in my everyday communication now thanks to Magpie.


Askinosie Chocolate Bars

While I didn’t get to personally take these chocolates,  I must find some and do just that. They have other products too like chocolate spreads and chocolate drinks that you can mix with milk for a yummy treat!


Bobo’s Oat Bars

A friend of mine who’s husband works for Whole Foods brought me a banana Oat bar from BoBo’s and it was good, semi-sweet and filling.


The Askinosie Chocolate is new to me. Never heard of it before and had to do some research. “Askinosie Chocolate was born committed to fairness, sustainability, minimal environmental impact and community enhancement.


There are no hard copy menus here.. just a chalkboards consisting of daily breakfast and lunch specials. Once the item is gone it’s marked off the board. There were 2 ladies prepping the food and taking orders, 1 barista (who was working her booty off) and a server. They were feverishly working to ensure everyone received their order in good time.


We ordered the Salad & Sandwich of the day which consisted of a white bean salad and a the meat panini. The salad was fresh and perfectly dressed with a house made citrus vinaigrette and the ham and apple butter panini was off the chain. The avocado was my own addition.. I am known for carrying one in my person.


Magpie also offers fresh seasonal coffees and teas. I had to try their pumpkin spiced latte and am so glad I did. Way better than Starbucks and/or Dunkin’ Donuts. Not that super fake pumpkin flavor and the nutmeg was subtle.

Magpie was a first great stop. I hope they are still open in 2016 when we should be heading back that way!



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