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Houston DairyMaids: Cheese & Specialty Foods


I always joke that cheese and wine are my kryptonite; draining me of my strength whilst giving me superhuman powers. Let’s just say that Houston Dairymaids is where said “kryptonite” is masterfully concocted.


Houston Dairymaids opened its Heights shop to the public full-time in February of 2012. Each day they offer a free tasting of six cheeses. The free cheese sample selection covers a range of styles, milks, and origins and acts as an introduction to our collection of over 150 cheeses. They feature mostly American-made cheeses, and highlight Texas cheeses — occasionally sneaking in an imported cheese or two.


As a compliment to the amazing cheeses HDM’s carries fresh breads like: Slow Dough Bakery, honey, olives, American-made salami and other cheese accompaniments. Providing a great selection of cheese-friendly wines and beer, some of which can’t be purchased elsewhere.

**Wino Wednesdays, they pair a wine or beer with the cheese tasting and offer 10% off all purchases of alcohol. I happened to visit on a Saturday where we sampled bold cheeses paired with the most elegant “jammy” Texas Syrah’s I’ve tasted.


When you walk in you can’t help but notice the beautiful display of their weekly cheese selections and the welcoming “maids” ready to help you sample them all. The “maids” are great and they are there to tell you about the store, what they have and who they are!


From left to right starting with back row: Echo Mountain, Hidden Springs Manchego, ClothBound Cheedar, Dutch Truffle Gouda (wildcard), Challerhocker Gruyere, Basket Chevre and Harbison Brie.  Harbison Brie

We tried seven cheeses & one wine.  Five of which were great, One that was “slap yo mama” fantastic and one that I could do without ever tasting again.


  1. A spoonable brie in a spruce bark wrapping. Harbison is gooey and spreadable. Great for crackers and preserves.
  2. The Dutch Truffle Gouda was HANDS DOWN my FAVORITE. It’s smooth and tangy with pronounced earthy truffle goodness. I went back to buy some and it was gone. $30 bucks a pound. I was only going to get 1/4th.


  1. Hidden Springs Manchego: Creamy Goat cheese with a little bite to it.
  2. Pure Luck Basket Chevre: Creamy fresh Texas goat cheese in a pretty basket pattern.
  3. Bandage-wrapped aged Vermont cheddar, Cabot Clothbound. Savory & complex.
  4. Challerhocker, a burly Swiss Alpine with flavors of roasted nuts and brown butter.


  1. Rouge Creamery’s Echo Mountain Blue :Tasted just like blue cheese to me… I hate blue cheese and funky feet — one in the same if you ask me.. NEXT!

The paired 2010 Kiepersol Estates – Texas Syrah gave new meaning to my life. As an avid red wine drinker I usually only wet my whistle with Bordeaux’s and Merlot’s and can’t recall every trying a “Syrah” which would make sense as to why I kept calling it a “Shiraz”.. although ultimately Shiraz is the name given to the raw Syrah grape in places like Australia and S. Africa — the two are identical in places like California and Texas. Which means I have in fact had a Syrah but it was called a Shiraz.

Click the video to learn more about Syrah & Shiraz!!

The wine was warm, soft, sweet and smooth. I am certain there are more “winey” terms out there like “fruity” or “full bodied”.. but just know it was good and worth $20 bucks.


Kiepersol Estates (2010) Texas Syrah

My mom, who only drinks wines that are in the .75 cent range splurged and bought a bottle. We were all shocked and ran outside to see if pigs were flying.

In addition to the tastings of both wine and cheese they also have samples! Like really how much cheese can I consume?! I just blew through the samples of breads, butters and cheeses like a race, therefore I can only share with you that the Maple Butter and Hook’s 5 year cheddar should be purchased, gift wrapped and brought to my house immediately.



The more we walked around the more I realized that Houston Dairymaids is a one stop shop with their assortments of  cheeses, wines, breads, butters, teas, beers and coffees, but the true gem awaits upfront near the register.


They have Maisson Burdisso Macarons!! At that moment the gates of heaven opened, a light transcended from above and a giant hand slowly came from the sky beckoning me forward.. It was God calling me home. As I pondered about what the other side was like, I decided macarons were more my I swatted his hand away and told him I wasn’t going anywhere — told God to come back and get me during my dental visit next week.


You have to stop in on a Wednesday or a Saturday. It’s totally worth it and you won’t regret it. With the amazing service, cheeses, wines and beers you will be the life of the party..

Who doesn’t love the “cheese guy?”..

TUE – FRI: 10:00 TO 6:00 | SAT: 10:00 TO 4:00 | SUN: 11:00 TO 4:00


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