Zifty.com delivering delicious food to your doorstep!

Houston has a new delivery service that offers customers delicious food from some of the best restaurants the city has to offer. As an Events Professional my work days can be pretty intense, so I decided to look into online delivery service, Zifty.com.

Zifty partners with local restaurants and brands, and offers those items to you based on accessibility using your zip code. I happen to work in a high traffic area that’s very close to the center of Houston. So luckily for me, my options consisted of some restaurants that I really dig, but it also offered me food options from restaurants that I hadn’t tried yet. I was in the mood for some tacos topped with avocado, so I went with Batanga. Curious how long this was actually going to take I placed my order early and warmed the toaster oven just in case it arrived ice cold.

I placed my order around 10:41 am and per the website was to expect my order at Noon. Being the very diligent and thorough young lady that I am I created a calendar alert to be outside at the specified area by 11:50 am. In my profession I work with a multitude of vendors, many of who have the most difficult time maneuvering the area. That was not the case this time. My delivery driver arrived at 12:00 pm on the dot. The delivery driver handed me hot food, I showed him the credit card I made the purchase with as confirmation , left a tip on his phone and he was on his way. *Note: Cash tips go directly to your delivery driver*

I ordered The shrimp and chicken tacos, both orders come with 3 tacos each. The Potatoes Batanga and the Spanish Ceaser salad. The food was perfect, hot and flavorful and the swift efficient Zifty service made this an even better experience.

Zifty.com: Houston's newest delivery service Zifty.com: Houston's newest delivery service Zifty.com: Houston's newest delivery service Zifty.com: Houston's newest delivery service

Using Zifty is easy:

  1. Log on to www.zifty.com
  2. Enter your zip code
  3. Select a restaurant of your choice from their menu (based on availability in your area)
  4. Order your choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner items
  5. Enter the requested information for payment
  6. Zifty provides the delivery time, I would be there a little before
  7. Meet and tip your driver
  8. ENJOY!!

A couple things to note. You will need to have the card you made the purchase with when picking up your order. Zifty is working on expanding around the city but currently have limited options outside the city. If you know that your area is hard to find, offer the driver some help by providing additional delivery instructions in the provided box.

I can’t wait to share Zifty with my friends and family. Great experience!






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