Valentine’s Day Brunch at Black & White

Black & White is the perfect place for a romantic Valentine’s Day brunch. Their dishes are super sexy and their boozy brunch cocktails are meant to sipped and enjoyed.


Red Velvet Pancakes

Three delicious red velvet pancakes with a goat
cheese, honey and lemon whipped cream. Served with
maple glazed roasted pork. $12

Valentine's Day Brunch at Black & White

Typically I wouldn’t order anything like this for fear of it being super sweet like Red Velvet cake, but for a second, I questioned if this dish was sweet enough. Then I realized it came with syrup. Simply put, these pancakes were perfect in every way.  I was served three light and fluffy red velvet clouds topped with a bittersweet mix of goat cheese, honey and lemon whipped cream. The texture of the cream was a combination of silk and velvet.

The pancakes paired perfectly with my Valentine’s Day Brunch cocktail, created by B&W Mixologist Jared. I opted for the “Sexy Sangria” and it was an awesome choice.

Valentine's Day Brunch at Black & White

The sweetness from the ripe fruits and Orange liqueur went well with the deep bold flavors of B&W’s house  Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a truly “boozy brunch” cocktail and two may possibly be my limit. The Sexy Sangria is meant to be sipped and enjoyed.

Brûléed French Toast

Thick slices of rustic sourdough soaked in our crème
brûleée batter then baked with a brown sugar and
pecan crust served with grand marnier maple syrup. $13

Valentine's Day Brunch at Black & White

My husband loves french toast and rarely orders anything crazy like me! He chose the Brûléed French Toast for his Valentine’s Day Brunch  and after taking a bite of his crispy-crunchy french toast It’s safe to say that I will be ordering that next time. The crème brûleée battered sourdough bread was the bomb and the grand marnier syrup kicked this simple dish into high gear. My honey isn’t big on sharing his vittles,so I am grateful for moments like these.

Black & White hosts its “Sunday Funday” brunch every Sunday from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Make sure to check out my other B&W posts to get the inside scoop on their more savory dishes.


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