Midtown BBQ – Houston’s newest spot for Que

Just in time for National Bar-B-Que Month, Midtown BBQ is the newest “meat joint” to pop up on Midtown’s food and beverage scene. Chef Eric Aldis and pitmaster Brett Jackson opened their doors  last week to a diverse crowd consisting of Houston eaters, supporters, friends and family. After enjoying my fair share of brisket, rib tips, sausage, coleslaw and potato salad, I realized that a BBQ joint is just what this area’s been missing.

Midtown BBQ


Midtown BBQ is located along the Babgy strip in what was formerly “Bourbon on Bagby,” with a private parking lot and patio seating out front. Perfect place to enjoy some que while people watching. The soft opening was jumping with a packed bar and standing room only for some who arrived later in the evening. Chef Eric walked around and greeted guests, inviting them to “make themselves at home” and share their thoughts on the carnivorous buffet, well stocked with a variety of smoked meats.

Midtown BBQ


Being an Arkansas girl, I love sauce. The meat should be flavorful and juicy with not too much fat, but the test is passed with outstanding sauce. Midtown BBQ’s sauce has a thickness to it that I really liked and it was not too sweet or over powered with vinegar. It passed the test!! One thing we do at home is “sop,” a very technical term that essentially means: “to soak up leftover BBQ sauce using bread.” Chef Eric not only caught me requesting white bread from the back, but also getting down to business with it! He lovingly referred to me as “Arkansas” as he made his rounds throughout the evening. Great host!

Midtown BBQ

It was made very clear upon my arrival that if you aren’t a meat eater, Midtown BBQ is NOT the place for you. Now, don’t get me wrong, they have sides that don’t contain meat, but I can’t guarantee that their greens aren’t cooked in fat back and that the desserts don’t contain lard. I would imagine that’s how Chef Eric’s Grandma would make them…I know that’s how mine would!

Midtown BBQ

These playful signs lined the buffet as a great way to “keep it real” when it comes to what Midtown BBQ serves, in my opinion. There all salads on the menu, can’t say I’d order them without asking for these succulent beef rib tips on top, but I might. Luckily, both salad options come topped with smoked chicken. Midtown’s smoked chicken wasn’t served at the grand opening, but I am certain pitmaster Brett Jackson put his foot in that too!

Midtown BBQ

In addition to the toothsome meats, Midtown BBQ also provided a couple sweet items. I didn’t get to try Grandma’s Strawberry Pie, but I did get a scoop of the Shipley’s Doughnut Bread Pudding. It taste just like glazed donuts. Very fun concept, a little sweet but everyone seemed to enjoy it!

midtown Bbq

Midtown BBQ’s new website is coming soon and can be found here, but in the interim keep up with the latest happenings via their Facebook page.



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