The Original Drinkable Yogurts of Texas

Lucky Layla Farms

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“In January 2004, a third generation dairyman from a local dairy in Plano, Texas, wanted to see the high quality milk from his award-winning Guernsey and Jersey cows turned into a premium artisan dairy product. The result has been award-winning artisan dairy products under the Lucky Layla Farms brand. Each of our products are all-natural and handcrafted using milk from our own pasture fed cows with no added hormones. Our goal is to provide you, through our supportive retailers, the healthiest farm-fresh locally-made dairy products available.” – Lucky Layla Farms

Lucky Layla Farms

The strawberry is stellar!

Confession: most (if not all) healthy “good for you” snacks that I blog about are because of my husband’s nutrition & fitness background.

He buys products that I usually frown at as they a riddled with vitamins, fiber and protein — all the things my doctor suggests be a part of my diet. This past weekend while we were grocery shopping at HEB I noticed him at a samples station. HE NEVER STOPS FOR SAMPLES! We were greeted by a very nice Lucky Layla Farms representative who was serving up something in cute little bottles.

After my first sip I quickly realized that this wasn’t the typical super sweet, “bounce off the walls” juice, but drinkable yogurt from Lucky Layla Farms. The first sample I had was peach. It was delicious. I hung around and tried all six flavors (seen below) which were just as tasty. My favorite was the Strawberry. Its subtle strawberry flavor paired with the creamy texture was just the little snack I needed to keep me in motion.

lucky layla Farms

Lucky Layla’s on-the-go drinkable yogurts are GREAT for those “manic mornings,” when you don’t have time to make breakfast! For a healthy, handcrafted breakfast, that is  all natural and farm fresh, simply drop one of these in your bag. Lucky Layla Farms uses milk from their own pasture fed cows with no added hormones.

Additionally, Lucky Layla Farms Drinkable Yogurt containing real fruit pulp, no additives, no preservatives, active probiotic cultures LD. Bulgaricus and S.S. Thermophilus and being low in sugar, sodium and cholesterol. THE BEST PART is that all I need is my mouth.. no spoon!

Lucky Layla also offers tours of their farm via their sister company Lavon Farms who produced the milk for Layla. Check out their website to find your local Lucky Layla Farms retailer.. thank me later! #DrinkUp

Lucky Layla Farms
2025 Wall St • Suite B
Garland, TX 75041
PH: 214.748.2912

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