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Hay Merchant offers the Montrose area a vast selection of potent craft beers paired with snacks like gumbo, burgers & pig ears in a comfy space. The Hay Merchant is the perfect place to bring the gang and belly up to the bar. Their space is made to be rowdy. It lends itself to being a great sports bar as well!


“The Hay Merchant, a proud bunch of beer enthusiast obsessed with serving the very best food and craft beers in the way that’s meant to be enjoyed!”

I have become quite the “beer snob” during my adventures on the food and beverage circuit. Specifically “nitros.”  usage of the word “bro” has become excessive as well.  My husband says that I drink “man beers” and for some reason that makes me proud! Over the weekend we decided to try something a little out of the ordinary.

But before you can get into the beer you have to figure out how this place works.

First let’s talk signage. If you know where you’re going, then you know where you’re going.. period, but for those of us who rely on “reading” and “directional signs” a little something on the building..like “The Name” would be dope!

Secondly, the Hay Merchant “Bouncer” while uber polite & helpful caught us off guard. Maybe putting the nice young man in a hosts booth with a sign that says “Please show ID” and “Seat yourself” would be two optimum additions & would cut down on the backlog of idiots (myself included) with the “what’s next” look on their faces after entering the space and flashing their ID.

There’s no waitress. So stop looking around when your beer is gone and go to the bar for a refill. The nice young lady that came to take our initial order is now behind the bar WORKING. Just be patient or get up and move around a bit, don’t be a douche!


Now back to the good stuff the BEERS AND BITES! I love the flavor of a full bodied beer preferably with the highest IPU’s available so I tried the Founder’s Devil Dance  and the Deschutes Obsidian (Nitro). Both were dark and flavorful, with hints of caramel and chocolate.

A MUST TRY are the Sweet and Spicy Pig ears. Crispy pig ear cartilage fried to perfection. They are then hit with a little cinnamon, sugar, salt mixture and served HOT in a paper bag! The Wagyu beef jerky was ok, I am not a fan of jerky because I have weak teeth, but my husband liked it.

If you happen to be in the area, might I suggest you stop at Underbelly for your dinner and have your night cap directly next door at The Hay Merchant! Tell Chef Chris Sheppard (Underbelly) that we said hello and congratulate him on his James Beard award!

Learn about the “Mud Turtle” Program here…


eT Craft Burgers & Beer
eT Craft Burgers & Beer
May 18, 2015

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