Houston Restaurant Week – Day 5 – Harold’s At Heights General Store

I feel so good when I visit a new place that is EMPTY, because It makes me think that I am the only one who knows about it. Not to mention when a place is empty you get the VIP treatment, you can sit where ever you like and your server is always there for your every request!

That is exactly what happened when I visited Harold’s at Height’s General Store this week for #HRW2014 to try out their lunch menu and has some tasty and some Just “ok” food. The service though, was impeccable, Damion really put forth effort to ensure that my guests and I were well taken care of!

We started with the Shrimp and Okra gumbo. It was OK. I would have preferred that the okra be sauteed or fried and then added to the gumbo roux last. It would have cut down on the “sliminess” that comes with Okra. The Entree really made the meal. I ordered the blackened catfish. It was perfectly cooked and just the right amount of spice. Served with Fries and a flavorful slaw made it even better. For dessert I ordered the Lemon Tarlet because I love LEMON. But it too was just “ok”. The lemon didn’t “zing” like a true, fresh lemon would. Possibly some lemon zest on top of the cream and strawberries would have made it “zip” a bit more.

The General store is super cute and they have a little kitchen on the 1st level that serves up pizzas and pastries in addition to all the sweet treats and other organic goodies they sell. Make sure to stop in when in the area and grab a bit or a drink at the bar!


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October 03, 2016

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