Eddie V’s new happy hour offerings are perfect for pescatarians

Eddie V’s –  2800 Kirby Dr, is an elegant fine-dining chain with a seafood & steak menu, plus a cocktail lounge (V Lounge) featuring live jazz.  Eddie V’s is charming and has this subtle “buzz” about it that I really enjoyed. If you’re looking for a new happy hour hangout, with a diverse crowd, soul soothing music and decadent seafood options, Eddie V’s is the place. Most recently Eddie V’s rolled out a new happy hour menu that is perfect for pescatarians!

Eddie V's

CRAB FRIED RICE with Mushrooms, Scallions and Lemon butter drizzle

Though I am not a pescatarian I am slowly transitioning towards removing red meat from my diet. It’s not something that I eat often, but when you live in Texas you get weird looks when you say things like “I don’t eat steak.” That being said, I’m sure you can imagine why a place like Eddie V’s wouldn’t necessarily be on my list of restaurants.

During my visit I learned that Eddie V’s is a seafood restaurant and not a steakhouse (who knew?). This was confirmed when I stepped outside to see a well lit sign that clearly read “Eddie V’s Prime Seafood.” I had presumptuously added it to my list of “steak joints I’ll never try.” But I digress, whether you think it’s a seafood spot or a steakhouse, the food is damn delicious. So let me get on to the matter at hand.. the happy hour menu.

Eddie Vs

BLACKENED FISH TACOS House-Made Tortillas with Micro Greens and Roasted Corn Pico

We tried a few of their most popular dishes like the Blackend Fish Tacos, Crab Fried Rice and the Lobster and Crab Wontons. I was made aware that the crab fried rice isn’t a “new” menu item per se, but it is new to the Eddie V’s happy hour menu. It’s been a fan favorite for years, so the team decided to serve it for happy hour, in addition to it being offered as a side on the dinner menu.

In addition to the savory side of things, the hand shaken cocktails were delightful. My date started with the “Real McCoy.” It’s basically a rum based “paloma,” but she enjoyed. I took a sip and thought it was light and refreshing. But I can truly only speak about the “Spicy Margarita,” because I had four of them! I couldn’t get enough of that spicy heat from the fresno peppers paired with the silky smooth taste of the El Jimador Sliver Tequila. Pro-Tip: If you have an aversion to heat, let your server know and the bartenders will modify.

I enjoy quality cocktails. Cocktails that can be sipped, and enjoyed over a great conversation. Cocktails that aren’t too “boozy,” but boozy enough not to realize that the restaurant has closed, and the valet is waiting on you to retrieve your keys so he can go home!

Eddie Vs

SPICY MARGARITA El Jimador Silver Tequila, Patron Citronge, Fresh Sour Mix, Fresno Pepper

The evening ended with succulent seafood, preciously wrapped to go. The shocker was my bill. After a night of martinis, margaritas and grade A seafood, I just KNEW I was going to have sale my car to pay the credit card bill, but that was not the case. I’ve spent way more at other places for a lot less.

Eddie V’s happy hour menu is easy, affordable and perfect for pescatarians. Add it to your list of awesome places for #HappyHourInHouston!


Served Crisp with a Spicy Red Pepper Jelly (3) $8

House-Made Tortillas with Micro Greens and Roasted Corn Pico (2) $6

with Mushrooms and Scallions $13


3-Year Aged Silver Real McCoy Rum, Fresh Grapefruit and Lime Juices $7

El Jimador Silver Tequila, Patron Citronge, Fresh Sour Mix, Fresno Pepper $7






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