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This year’s crop of Northwest cherries are beginning to arrive on grocery store shelves across the U.S. Which has landed the classic Americana fruit front and center for the Fourth of July holiday and beyond. One of coldest winters in the Pacific Northwest in decades, created a record crop size. leaving consumers to enjoy their fresh & delicious sweet cherries through the thick of summer.

The Northwest is known for seven varieties of cherries. Including Bing cherries, the most popular cherry in North America. The unique golden-blushed Rainiers, born at Washington State University in 1952 are the second most notable. Other popular varieties include the deep juicy sweet Tietons, heart-shaped Chelans, dark Skeenas and bright red Sweethearts.


I was sent a box full of some of the most vibrant and beautifully ripened cherries from Northwest Cherries out of Washington State. Not being a huge baker or “cook” for that matter, forced me to stay in my lane! instead of whipping up some fancy pie, I created something unique. Something that I will use everyday. My first batch of Northwest cherries were used to make a delicious cherry simple syrup. Most noteworthy, were the spicy cherry & lime margaritas, of which I am very proud of.


Though, the hyper pigmented maraschino cherry is referred to as a “cherry,” it’s a lot different from the real thing. Fresh simple syrup made with real ingredients makes your favorite dished sing! Try the very cherry simple syrup in your homemade lemonade, on a yummy ice cream sundae or as a mixer in a margarita!


Whatever you decide will be delicious. I believe in you.


Now on to the recipes. Click either of the images below for my Very Cherry Simple Syrup and Spicy Cherry & Lime Margarita recipes.


Northwest cherries – A Very Cherry Simple Syrup



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