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“A hidden gem nestled in Upper Kirby, Paul’s Kitchen outshines its competition as it proudly presents locally fresh, seasonal cuisine with a global influence. The red brick, upscale ambiance coupled with a friendly, attentive staff is the icing on the cake to a globally inspired menu created by Chef Paul Lewis, whose impressive resume includes stints at the Four Seasons in Dallas, Dublin, Hawaii, and London.” – Paul’s Kitchen

Paul’s Kitchen  opened in Upper Kirby October of 2014 offering guests a new level of fine dining quality with casual dining attitude. Under the tutelage of Owner, Paul Miller and Executive Chef Paul Lewis  guests enjoy locally raised food and fresh herbs from their on-site herb gardens.

Paul's Kitchen Paul's Kitchen Paul's Kitchen Paul's Kitchen

With daily specials almost each night.. you can’t go wrong with STEAK NIGHT Thursday!! We started with two of the most scrumptious appetizers: The Braised Goat Empanadas and the Shrimp & Crab Campechana.

Paul's Kitchen

The Braised Goat Empanadas were the perfect crispy crunchy texture and the Guajillo Chile braised goat was so moist and tender on the inside. The addition of the Aji Amarillo drizzle made it even more outstanding. I assume this is Peruvian Aji  Sauce as other forms are more orange than green. Absolutely delicious either way.

Paul's Kitchen

I have noticed that other restaurants in the city have created their own interpretation of the tried and true seafood Campechana, but it was something about the charred sourdough and spicy sriracha that totally tickled my taste buds. The Crab was so succulent and the shrimp so large, fat and juicy that when paired with the citrus and avocado I couldn’t stop eating it!

Paul's Kitchen

Not being a huge red meat eater I opted for the Crabcake as I had seen it pass my table and the smell alone left my mouth watering. I questioned why it was in a bowl but upon arrival I totally got it! The crabcake rested in a pool of rich, savory and flavorful gumbo roux, that had soaked its way into the cake and made sure it was a part of every bite! I had to stop myself from getting TOO out of control and drinking the remainder of the broth from the bowl like Sunday morning cereal.


Paul's Kitchen


My husband took advantage of the daily special and went for the 10 oz. ribeye and was pleased. It was a tad under cooked fro his liking but with our appetizers he was happy to take the rest home and eat it for breakfast with eggs the following morning. I thought it was seasoned very well and the butter on top added an extra layer of flavor. We chose to sit on the patio and smelled like steak for 2 days.. it was awesome. PK’s has a great array of wines to pair with your meals as well as a full bar.  We went with a bottle of  2011 California, Petite Sirah from Ty Caton Vineyards. Light and perfect with both steak and fish.

Paul's Kitchen

PK’s dessert menu consists of 6 items airing on the lighter side of things. I’ve read only good things about their Milk and Cookies, but being raised in Texas the bulk of my life I have had my fair share of churros, so I passed and ordered the Bananofee. I am a sucker for banana and this totally hit the spot. A crumbly, hollow shortbread round filled with fresh bananas, a light and airy creme topped with toffee crumbles, caramel & honeycomb drizzle. It was gone in 4 seconds FLAT.. yum-o

Paul's Kitchen

Date and Steak night was a major hit and I can’t wait to visit again.







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