Midtown Mystery Tour: Mixology + ART + Grub


Nothing beats touring Midtown’s local hot spots in a party bus, except being served free food and drinks at each stop. Well, as Local Guides these are the types of monthly events we are treated to, as local members of a global community of top reviewers on Google.

This particular event was the Midtown Mystery Tour! The “mystery” being that we didn’t know where we were headed once arriving to our first location: Gage – Midtown Lounge.


Upon arrival to GAGE and after enjoying some mingle time we were broken into groups and assigned a Google Guide. Our guide Joe was super dope. My group ( the Bicycle’s) stayed at GAGE for our first stop. Each designated tour point had something fun included.. my group enjoyed a mixology course covering the Old Fashions and Black Russian. After the demo we spent the remainder of the time sipping on samples.


The second stop for my group was Nouveau (New-Vo) Art Bar. A beautiful venue adorned with one of the largest private collections of reproduction Tiffany lamps, it’s magical. There, we were greeted by Art Worthy Houston, easels, paint and blank canvases. These types of activities spike my anxiety level to at least an 8..Maybe if it was “free style” painting I wouldn’t be so “cray” about it, but I am horrible at art and following instructions in general. There were other paintings that were  way better than mine.

The final stop of the night before returning to our cars was Spare Key. This place has been on my list since meeting Partner and Mixologist Chris Frankel at a local cocktail competition. Here we noshed on bites from Cook & Collins and sipped libations from  Mr. Frankel himself.


Black Eyed Hummus | toasted garlic + feta + roasted garlic oil+ chow chow + flatbread

The food was delicious and just what we needed as was a perfect ending to our night. We were served 7 of the most tasty dishes on the menu!! check the food porn below!


Duck Tacos | black eyed peas + smokey queso + green tomato salsa


Mac & Cheese “Crab Rolls” | crab + sundried tomato + truffle vinaigrette


The Fun Guy herb roasted mushrooms + whipped goat cheese + spinach + onion strings + truffle


Root Beer BBQ Chicken| smoked gouda + melted onion + pulled chicken + jalapeño preserves +cilantro


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Reply May 19, 2015

Great seeing you again the other night. This was a fun night. Love your photos!

    Reply May 19, 2015

    It was great to see you as well. Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope to see you soon!

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