Koval Gin makes its debut in Houston at Johnny’s Gold Brick


Koval Distillery is based in Chicago and specializes in organic whiskeys, liqueurs and spirits. Founded in 2008 this distillery can be found in one of the country’s oldest distilleries dating back to the mid-1800’s. I attended an event last night that was all about their new Koval Dry Gin.

Johnny’s Gold Brick hosted the Koval Dry Gin Kickoff Extravaganza! Where guests were offered a moderate selection of cocktails and shots using the spirit as well as a little education about the Gin and distillery if interested.


Koval Gin is very smooth and is perfect for sipping or as the base of your classic & modern cocktails. In an effort not to over power its subtle flavor with ridiculous mixers and sweet juices the “tenders” at Johnny’s Gold Brick played it cool. Offering simple cocktails that highlighted the Gin’s notes of Juniper and wildflower. The cocktails were clean, vibrant and crisp, allowing the palate and nose to enjoy and savor its floral body.


The menu consisted of The Gin Old Fashioned, The Bee’s Knees, Hanky Panky and Pat’s Favorite. In speaking with the guests last night regarding their cocktails, I received mostly the same feedback.. “It’s so smooth we didn’t even know it was gin.” What a compliment. Although I am not a huge gin fan I did try their special menu item “Pat’s Favorite”, a 2-part shot of Koval Gin paired with a Pickled Carrot Juice “back.”  Shots somehow make their way into my mouth and out my nose!


There was quite a bit of “Hanky Panky” happening last night, as that seemed to be the drink of the night.  A classic cocktail made with Koval dry gin, Fernet, Cocchi Torino & turbinado, finished with fresh citrus oil. Fernet flavors are reminiscent of black licorice, so the marriage between that, the dry gin and the exotic vermouth was excellent.


Koval Gin can be found at the Houston Wine Merchant  or at any of the Treadsack affiliates and should totally be added to your spirits collection!

Johnny’s Gold Brick



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