Springbok: Downtown’s “Meh” South African Sports Bar



So let’s be honest, not every new restaurant can be “great” because if that was the case restaurants wouldn’t open and close with such haste. Springbok will be a year old this summer and with all the hype surrounding this South African sports bar it might make it to its “terrible twos!”



The venue reminds me of the Houstonian Hotel with the antelope heads on the walls and the wooden floors and fixtures. It has two floors and the party I attended was on the second floor. I will say the view from the second level is quite nice. Should this place still be around for Superbowl 2016 this will be a great place to hang. The top level is a great space to reserve for parties and events as it has its own private bar!


The food is different, although I am not sure how many deviled eggs I can eat while drinking beer.. sounds like one big ol’ stomach mess to me but what do I know?! Oddly, none of the items we were served last night were on the menu and some of them kind of sucked so that was a good thing. There cocktails are good ..that saved them.

I prefer dark liquor in my old age and decided to try the Strapping young Lad, because I’m apparently a “little dude .. it’s basically a tasty twist on a “Manhattan”.  My friend ordered the Springbok Lemon drop and was pleased with not only its taste but presentation.


 SpringBok Lemon Drop


Strapping Young Lad

Service was a little slow for the small crowd but it was 7 pm on a Tuesday. There was a little guy in a suit who worked there (I assume.. as he was the only person drinking chardonnay both behind the bar & at the bar) who was a little rude. My friend asked him “what’s good here?” .. and from the way he responded you would have thought it was the world’s worst question. Shame on us for asking someone who works at Springbok what’s good at Springbok!  “What do you mean what’s good?!” He snarled.. at this point we’re like — Whoa little guy..don’t get crazy. Obviously the food is what we are asking about.. he recommends the Turkish meatballs… of which aren’t on the menu nor South African… interesting.

We quickly moved on and then moved out. Springbok isn’t all that bad..they do offer a 25% discount off of your first drink via the Yelp app. Which is truly what I enjoyed about the place. But don’t take my word for it.. go check them out during the Superbowl or March Madness. Report back!


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