The New Year has come and gone.. but healthy eating is here to stay!

There is nothing I love more than grocery day! Arriving early to my local grocer where the fruits and vegetables are fully stocked, freshly washed and shiny like new pennies. This is where I clear my head of everything “last week” and set my sights on the week ahead.

My husband and I reserve our Sunday’s for meal prep; where he makes our lunches and I make our dinner meals. Healthy eating is my mission and I shop with purpose as most of our dinners contain no meat. That in itself can be tricky but I have been blessed to be paired up with a “fruits and vegetables” type guy who welcomes my hearty meatless dishes after a strenuous workout at the gym!

There are RARELY any leftovers and as a wife there is nothing that makes me happier than my husband asking for more. It’s kind of sexy.

Sometimes when I am in a jam, rush or simply out of meatless ideas I turn to internet recipes for assistance but will be honest that this too is rare. I find that some recipes are truly hit or miss based on palate, region and cooking style. For example.. I wouldn’t dare follow a recipe about Mexican food from someone in Alabama. I just wouldn’t do it.. I have had the Mexican food there.. or should I say it had me!

Call me crazy, but I find that the best recipes are those made with love. I find what my family likes and I make spin-off recipes from that. My husband loves falafels so I make falafel waffles, burgers, sliders.. cute little falafel pops to make him happy. Although he did tell me while we were discussing this week’s menu that he was okay with not have any falafels. LOL..

I took a stab at following a recipe from Real Simple  and was so pleased that I added it to my recipe arsenal. The best part about the meal besides its deliciousness was that it was really SIMPLE. I recommend you give this website a gander as you work to uphold your resolutions of healthy living. Your belly will thank you.

Click here for Tortellini with Kale and Brown Butter



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