Lobster Rolls at Maine-ly Sandwiches

Not being a huge fan of lobster I was skeptical about what to expect from Maine-ly Sandwiches and the fact that the previous cupcake eatery wasn’t successful in this space, I had my hopes set on writing “Maine-ly” about my disappointment with this place!

With all the hype about the lobster rolls I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try one, hate it and argue with my friends about their obsessive/compulsive need to be “trendy”. But the moment that I bit into that warm, “crispy-soft” butter toasted roll and that juicy, succulent lobster hit my tongue it was all over.

First of all it’s  REAL LOBSTER MEAT! I wasn’t expecting it to be as fresh as it was and the soft buttery notes of the lobster made the pairing with the bread simply stellar. There were some condiments available like hot sauce and tarter sauce but I couldn’t imagine covering up all those flavors with some man-made condiment. Just seemed wrong.

My only gripe is the price of the lobster roll, which quite frankly could be the reason there are no prices on their online menu. . The half is $9.99 and the whole sandwich (it’s pretty huge) is $17.99, this is not including any fries or drink. I ordered the 1/2 roll, a small fry, a small drink (all one size I believe) and a whoopie pie for a whopping $17.98. That SOUNDS crazy but I really had to stop for a second and price out the cost of lobster, of which I have no idea because when I see “MKT Price” on the menu I assume it’s some code for “you can’t afford this.” Now I know why my friend (who had been before but shall remain nameless) only ordered the sandwich.

They have salt water taffy for purchase as well. My teeth have been through so much that I passed on that purchase. I was kind of bummed about it but then, I was handed a “Freebie” with my receipt.  What a sweet treat for their customers, especially the kiddos.

I will certainly return to Maine-ly, most likely around pay day so I am not counting my pennies and asking stupid questions like “How about I give you $5 dollars and you keep the roll but dump the lobster in my mouth?”

That made me think of my favorite snippet featuring Chris Rock in the classic film “I’m gonna get you sucka”..

Sidebar: If you haven’t seen this film… you are in fact a SUCKA! 

In addition to tasty lobster rolls Maine-ly serves up other “Italian” styled sandwiches like: Spicy salami, roast beef, juicy turkey and meatball just to name a few. They also have a crab roll that looked good. Fried clams and clam strips are also an option for the true seafood enthusiast.

The best part about the visit were the sweet treats. Serving up the softest whoopie pies ever, how can you not resist? Never had a whoopie pie? Well, don’t go blabbing it to the world, but they will allow you to sample a mini-pie at no cost, frankly because they are sooo good they know you will buy one.. like I did..

Given that the previous retail space was occupied by a cupcake eatery, I am assuming not much remodeling occurred prior to Maine-ly moving in, so there are “window seats” upfront and a private room in the back. They also have a couple tables outside for those who like to count cars while they eat.

The parking at Maine-ly was interesting. There is a tiny lot in front where you can park for to-go orders or quick lunches, but a full parking lot in the back. Now, the lot in the back is all one way with no “around the back” exit, meaning when you pull in the only way out is to reverse and go back the way you came. Possibly difficult on a busy day but our lunch excursion parking was seamless.


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