Beers on the Bayou at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.



Over the weekend I visited Buffalo Bayou Brewing co. and was quite surprised at how much I now love this place! The yummy munchies  served up by Gastropunk food truck, provided the perfect paring for a cold beer and a cool breeze.. or some hot ass Houston humidity..but I will take what I can get!

Make sure to stop in on a Saturday and purchase brewery “tour” passes. It’s really not a tour because Buff Brew is super small on the inside. That’s just what they call it.

For $10 you get 2 free pints, a commemorative glass and 3 or 4 additional tokens for more beers! Remember that you can save your tokens for other visits, you don’t have to be all GREEDY and use them ALL in one sitting. Take it from me.. a beer drunk will ruin your entire Saturday. I never understood how people could get drunk off beer, but now I understand, and would like to take a moment to apologize to my beer drinking buddies for giving them a hard time when they lose a shoe, pee their pants OR get blatantly ignored by someone when attempting to bum a cigarette because you are all sweaty and your bangs are stuck to your face.

The beers were going down like water! Probably because it was 1000 degrees outside and I had none. The newest Buff Brew release is the “White Buffalo“. Pretty smooth and has notes of coriander and orange, which seem to be popular in beer these days.

The “Smoke on the Bayou” was good. Definitely a BBQ beer as that is really how it was made..with BBQ.. With a nice “smokey”, chocolaty flavor to it, I would suggest you drink indoors as cold as you can get it.

By far my FAVORITE was the “Cucumber Wit” perfect for a hot afternoon outdoors (or indoors). The fresh cucumber notes were so refreshing that I think I had 3 before I knew it. Cucumber Wit could easily be paired with anything from fish to dessert but stands alone quite well.

The “Gastro Fries” were really good. I typically gag at the thought of blue cheese on anything, but the bacon, chives and saltiness of the chips subdued that “funky feet” taste blue cheese has.  The “Pissed Off wings” were good, had a nice little kick to them.




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