#TASTYTUESDAY – Summer Edition

All the things I love to Eat and Drink during these sweltering summer months!

Oh Tuesday.. here we are again…but this time isn’t  so bad because I am off work for the rest of the week! I thought I would kill some time by sharing with you what I love to eat and drink and where you can get some!

I have a major sweet tooth and a slowly expanding waistline to show for it. So when it comes to the summer time I go all out because.. well.. I’m board and love to simply veg out on the couch with plenty of unhealthy, super sweet junk food in the form on cookies, tasty summer cocktails and snow cones, while catching up on my semesters worth of recorded DVR episodes. Sometimes I will shock my system by throwing some fruit in there but that’s rare!




Lemon Oreos now come in my favorite flavor… Lemon.. so when I saw them at Kroger I lost my shiz and bought two packs. But when I got home I noticed some snot-nosed kid (or adult..still snotty) had eaten the entire middle sleeve of one of my packs. I returned them and grabbed a box of White fudge dipped oreos!!! They were AMAZING,  that chocolate and creme cloaked in white fudge simply melted in my mouth. I didn’t share a single one of them, with the exception of the one I dropped outside on the ground. I offered that one to my husband so I wouldn’t have to share later.



When it gets really hot snow cones are a MUST in TEXAS. That One Place is the BEST SNOW CONE STAND IN THE LAND serving up flavorful Louisiana snow balls, boudain, crawfish and other stuff, but I only get the snow balls! I order the “Arkansas”, of which I named, it consists of a cherry bottom with a dill pickle top. My pregnant friends RAVE about it…I am not pregnant though.. apparently I’m just gross. It seems that I have an infatuation with dill pickle because that “Big Papa” dill pickle popcorn had me going back and fourth to Bed Bath and Beyond like some sort of Dill Pickle crackhead.. that was a very dark and “dill” period in my life.


wine (1)To quench my thirst in the summer I visit The Grove. I plop down at the bar during their Happy Hour (4-7 , M-F) and order up a round of their Raspberry Margarita’s with sugar on the rim. It’s so refreshing and flavorful that before I know it I’ve had three and my eyes are crossing. When I am not sipping on “ritas” at The Grove I am more than likely at Plate and Bottle in the village purchasing a couple bottles of my favorite wine to hold me over during the week. Pepe Nero Rosso , priced at $18 a bottle, is an Italian wine with bold, dark berry-fruit flavors and a subtle sweetness that hits the spot. I prefer to enjoy this wine at room temp, straight out the bottle.

When at HEB I always find myself trying new things. It seems like every time I go there is a “NEW ITEM” sticker on something and I am a sucker for new stuff and stuff that’s $1. I once bought a giant 10lb bag of potatoes because they were $1.. they ended growing legs and walking back to the grocery store! I had tried the bud light lime-a-ritas but simply was burnt out on that super sweet taste so I tried the Dos A Rita, a lager Margarita by Dos Equis. They were great and come in a smaller can with the same amount of alcohol AND less calories.. but who gives a shit about calories?! In non-alcohol news HEB has a slamming Lemonade made with Texas honey.. I mix it with Deep Eddy’s Sweet Tea Vodka to keep the party going..

I can’t do too much Ice cream or it will start to do me, but when I do, I get the little ones. I fell in love with Häagen-Dazs, Coconut Macaroon ice cream. It tasted just like the real thing.. not the French, Meringue based Macarons (one “O”) but the American Macaroons (double “O”) made of coconut. The best meringue based Macarons are sold at Macaron’s By Patisse where you can get a dozen for $25. That’s a bit steep but well worth the moola.  There are so many bright colors and toothsome flavors to choose from. My top picks are lemon, pistachio, blood orange and vanilla bean. YUM!




There is nothing about this Texas heat that entices me to drink anything warm, but when I do have that random cup of coffee (which I recently stopped altogether and now only drink tea) I like to add a little Patron “XO Cafe”..coffee flavored Tequila, because who needs sugar and creme when you’ve got liquor on your team!

So, Make sure you enjoy your favorite treats this summer *RESPONSIBLY and check out some of mine as well. I would love to know what you think and if you love them just as much as I do!


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