In Non-food news: DROP DEAD FRED ACTOR..Rik Mayall, Dead at 56

Normally I only dedicate my blog to food, cocktails, restaurants and other local palette pleasers but today, I must take a moment to reflect on my childhood, and the passing of one of my favorite movie characters, Actor Rik Mayal

Here is where I talk about me:

As an only child I always wondered if my imagination was as powerful as “Lizzie’s”. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cronin (played by Phoebe Cates), is a young girl who as a child was constantly ignored by her over-bearing mother, forcing her to seek council inside her thoughts… ultimately leading to creation of “FRED”.

Note: In 1991 this was “cute” but in 2014 little Lizzie would be pumped full of benzodiazepines and tightly secured in a “hug yourself” jacket. 

Just watching the snippet of this film took me back to my happy place. You will truly be missed Fred a.k.a Mr. Mayall  and watch out for those “begonias” in heaven.

Rik played the character of “Fred” in the hit 90’s (1991 to be exact) cult film “Drop Dead Fred”. Fred, a rambunctious imaginary friend from childhood who wreaks havoc on the life of his once young playmate who is now all grown.. or is she?… (click image for  my favorite scene)

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