Lay Low at Houston’s best neighborhood RUM BAR – Lei Low Bar


Houston we’ve got a problem and it’s that I couldn’t put this place in my  pocket and take it home with me! The drinks, the service the ambiance all get 4 stars from G&G because I believe you can never go wrong with RUM.

I happened to stop into Lei Low with the hopes of taking part in the “bar crawl” styled bourbon competition hosted at several bars around town. I chose to visit Houston’s “low-key” tiki bar and was so pleased. By far one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. The Location is easy enough to find (unless you are relying on a directionally challenged boost mobile phone to get you there). It is located on N. Main in the same parking lot as “Joe’s Food Store” (look for the graffiti wall with cool tiki art). It is tucked away in the corner of the shopping center and really has no signage so just look for the items I mentioned and you will be fine. There is a small lot out front and  street parking alongside the building on 25th street but after a certain time the lot opens up to Lei Low guests as they are really the only reason to be in that area.


The drinks are GRAND and I just happened to strike gold because I was able to sit down and chat with The World’s leading Rum expert himself Mr. Edward Hamilton, Author and Founder of Ministry of Rum. Mr. Hamilton is truly an expert in his field and a funny guy. In honor of their special guest Lei Low served up rum flights, Jungle Birds, and Trader Vic’s Mai Tai using Hamilton’s Jamaican Black Rum! Lei Low owner and bad ass bartender Russell (also super knowledgeable about rum) gave a mini presentation to each guest who ordered the flights and literally walked you through the tasting process. He would start by allowing you to smell and sip the rums straight and then he’d “dress up” each ounce with something to make it zing even more, be it a little ice and tonic or the simple squirt of a lime. They were ALL fantastic but the best was the Jamaican black rum ( found at the Houston Wine Merchant).

With all that booze in my system I needed to eat something and fast! Luckily there are a couple of spots in the area that deliver directly to the bar. Pinks pizza was the only one that I can remember off hand but luckily I didn’t have to go that route as Lindsay (dopest of the dopest bartenders) slid me some of their in house snack mix. Now, this was not just your regular salted nut mix but some really good rice cracker blend snack mix that in my opinion fit very well with the theme of Lei Low.. because they certainly aren’t a “salty beer nut” kind of joint.

Stop into Lei Low NOW and try their famous Mai Tai on TAP. Yes, on tap..just like beer. It’s fresh, light and flavorful and will have you hanging around for another. On Saturday’s you can catch Scotty (@BROlachezzz) serving up his famous themed Kolaches and I hear he is serving up something special for Halloween. Two of the best bartenders recently parted from Lei Low but owner Russell and bartenders Lindsay and Travis are still doing their thing behind the bar.



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