#TuesdayToothache at Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop

Tuesdays typically suck. There is nothing special about Tuesday. There is no funny name associated with Tuesday and it happens to follow after the dreaded Monday, which makes it dumb by default…sorry Tuesday. In an effort to make it all better, we visited a little sweet spot in Rice Village that is certain to provide a little pick me up and turn that sour, Friday is 3 days away, frown upside down.

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop located on Rice Blvd. in the Village is certainly one of my favorite candy shops when in the area. Not being a huge chocolate fan, I was pleased to see TONS of other cavity creators that will have the fillings in your teeth aching for more. They have the best selections of specialty candies and those “old school,” nostalgic goodies that my mother and I enjoy so much like BB Bats taffy candyMary Jane’s peanut butter and molasses candyBit-o-honey taffy’s and I must not forget the chic-o-sticks.  Lord knows one can’t continue without mentioning the Candy Buttons on Paper tape ..I would ALWAYS end up eating some of the paper, but it was totally worth it!

If you are like me and need a soda fix, but don’t want your typical coke or sprite this is where you need to stop. Rocket Fizz is one of the only places that has a “Great Wall of Soda” a wall dedicated strictly to soda.. all kinds of soda.. like banana nut,  blue cream, gingerbread & black licorice, they even have pickle flavored soda. I wasn’t ballsy enough for the bulk of those so I just went with the blue cream that I slammed before I even left the store. I was as high as a kite on sugar when I left that place or maybe even before I left.. hence the “Squirrel Underpants” that I could not NOT buy. I mean.. I can’t even catch my cats when they’re running around.. So, what made me think:

  1. That I could catch a squirrel?
  2. That I could catch said squirrel and put these underpants on him?

Oh yea.. it was the sugar induced coma that caused me to suffer from delusions of super human, squirrel catching speed. But I digress..

Rocket Fizz brings out the kid in everyone who visits. They have great pricing for candy sales by the pound.. ($1 per lb on some items), a much better deal than Dylan’s or Big Top (Austin).

So stop by and say hello to the staff for me, they are as sweet as their products and allow you to take your time (you’ll need it) while shopping, laughing and texting your mom. Sometimes they have samples which are always a plus.

Parking can be a beast, especially if you roll up on a Saturday, so be warned and have fun!

Really like candy.. Rocket Fizz has franchise opportunities available too! 



Reply June 27, 2014

I have been to this candy store Renia. I think my heart skipped a few beats when I walked in. I was so HAPPY!! Great place for candy lovers.

    Reply June 27, 2014

    I am glad you enjoyed yourself. We don't have candy stores anymore! There was a Dylan's in the Galleria a while back but it burned down. So glad this place is here to soothe that sweet tooth!

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