#HAW: Houston Appreciation Weekend, Love Drake

Sir Drake has decided to show much love to the city of #Houston by hosting a week/weekend jam packed with OVO (October’s Very Own) festivities. Here at G&G we rarely step outside of our lunch boxes and to-go containers to talk #music but we must give the people what they want.

“And they don’t have no award for that”

— Drake

Visited Premium Goods in Rice Village this afternoon for the OVO Official launch and pop-up and was greeted by a long line of adolescents and over dressed grown men trying so very hard to be seen.. by Drake  I guess. We walked right on in and passed up all that and what did we see? Nothing, a little table in the corner staffed by a couple Rap-A-Lot affiliates selling Drake gear hand over fist. I over heard one of the clerks stating how he “wished they would hurry up and sell out” so he could go to lunch.. Gotta love Houston..

or the record: None of the horrible bodies reflected in this image belong to me! #JustScrewIt


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