Hey, What’d You do for #MemorialDay?

Who doesn’t love a long weekend?

A time to relax, catch up on past DVR recordings or get into a good book… YEA RIGHT! #MemorialDay is a time for drinking and eating, just like all other holidays, long weekends or days ending in the word “day.”

Check out 2 of my favorite Houston hot spots that were FIRED UP this weekend!

Natachee’s Supper ‘n Punch

Named #HoustonPress “Best of the Best”  in comfort food Natachee’s serves up scrumptious selections of burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads, making it literally impossible NOT to find something  yummy to choose from their menu.

“The fried pickles will have you heading back to Natachee’s every chance you get!”

— G&G

Natachee’s packs a mean couple of PUNCHES…

With 10 punches to choose from, how is a lush like me going to make such a decision on my own? I asked myself this question while watching my date slam St. Arnold’s Root Beers and quickly came to the conclusion that he wasn’t the one to trust with important matters like this.. so I asked our server (Jared L.) who looked to be all of 11 years old.

Although Jared L. looked like he just walked off of the set of “iCarly” (Disney channel reference – Yes, I know what the kids watch!) He knew his stuff when it came to “throwing out punches” ( <–see how I did that) where he suggested 3 of his favorites. I only made it through 2 of his recommendations…because…well, I know my limits.. AND because my husband was all hyped up on bottled soda by this point!

Service isn’t the fastest, but at Natachee’s Supper N’ Punch slower is better. Enjoy the outdoors if you can snag a seat OR guzzle their entire punch menu inside.. while looking outside..but whatever you do, drink something!

Benjy’s on Washington

Benjy’s, known for its light and healthy comfort foods, serves 2 locations in Houston: Rice Village and Washington Ave., both locations are the bomb but only one has roof top & 1st level outdoor seating available. So, on a beautiful day you must visit the the Washington Ave. location!

Benjy’s Banging Brunch…

From waffles to omelets to shrimp and grits, Benjy’s is serving up what your BELLY longs for!

Benjy’s “Boozy” Brunch Beverages & Biscuits….

Serving up the best in brunch cocktails and carafe’s you can’t go wrong with the Blood Orange (below) or the White Peach Mimosas, both will leave you asking for more!

…Blood Orange Mimosas and Tiny corn and blueberry muffin bites… Mom’s Chocolate Cake

There was old lipstick on my glass so our awesome server (Thomas S.) quickly swapped glasses, apologized and offered a complimentary dessert!


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