Las Delicias Mexicanas


While on a tasting tour with some fellow foodie friends it was suggested by one — who in my opinion could be Houston’s Food Historian–  that we try one of the areas only wholesale Mexican candies and snack retailer; Las Delicias Mexicanas.

A friend and I were discussing a recent trip to an Indian Bakery and how super sweet those candies seemed when compared to Mexican candies. It’s truly all about geography and what’s “local” to your culture. Being so close to Mexico a lot of these sweet treats are a part of my everyday life.. My all time favorite has to be the marzapan cookie by de la Rosa (contains peanuts). It something about the way the cookie pun intended! It’s sweet and crumbly texture just melts in your mouth. Watch the short taste test video below courtesy of the video refers to the candies tasting like a butter-finger but I don’t agree.

Being an avid foodie who will try anything once, it’s no surprise that when presented with the opportunity to try something different, I always say “yes!” So needless to say, I didn’t get anything I had tried before. I wanted to experience something new, something better than my top picks..and with a wide assortment I made a couple choices.


I  am comfortable sharing that two of those four choices were duds. The Estuche Dulces de lechce con Nuez and the Barra De leche from Dulces Finos Larri left me sad. I was expecting a warm caramel flavor with some chew to it.. instead I got a little vomit flavor topped with a pecan or lined with creamy coconut. The coconut wasn’t bad actually.


Another item that I enjoy but haven’t seen in years are the Obleas Con Cajeta de Leche, simply put “wafers with Milk caramel”. They are  gooey and soft. The Obleas is reminiscent of silky smooth rice paper, filled with a sweet caramel.


These brightly colored lollipops take me back to when we first moved to Texas. The first friend I ever had here was Mexican and for Easter her mother Dora E. Nora ( I loved how her name rhymed) would give me one of these in my basket each year. I guess I could say that I have had this incessant need for instant gratification all my life because I would never lick the sucker.. that took too long.. I would smash it up and put the pieces in a Ziploc bag and eat the pieces all day and night. My parents never had the pleasure of cleaning the sweet sugary colors off of my face and hands nor prying it out of my sticky hands after I had fallen a sleep like kids in the movies.


Las Delicias Mexicanas is a great place to get  your favorite Mexican candies and snacks in bulk. This is where I am going to come for my girst backsets, holiday items and party favors. This is great add to my “Dulces” list!


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