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Located in Independence Heights Canino’s Local Produce and Farmer’s market is a true hidden gem. I am over the moon since discovering this place. The fresh fruit and vegetables are so radiant and the atmosphere unlike anything I ever throughout would be right in my back yard.

There are huge assortments of booths with nuts, seasonal fruit, spices, vegetables and herbs at ever turn. Most of these prices rival your local grocer and offer a better quality also.


You can purchase your nuts in bulk shelled or not.I was informed that they also will remove the sells from nuts not purchased at the market. You can bring your own nuts and they will help you out.


Almost any fruit or vegetable you could need is available to you here at Canino. I think the only thing we couldn’t find was fresh sage but it was no big deal because there were so many other fresh herbs and plenty dry herbs too!


The best part about the market are the farmers who offer yous samples prior to making a single purchase. They want you to be satisfied with their items Lychee (litchi) fruit is by far my new favorite. Not only are they freaking delicious but the Lychee also has some amazing health benefits like improved immune health and decrease in high blood pressure.


 Lychee Fruit

In addition to the fruits and vegetables there are some sweet treats that are staples in Mexican culture. The dried mangoes with Chile limon salt (bottom left)  are my favorite. Every time I visit Canino I purchase a 1/4 lb bag and by the time I pack up and head home I have eaten the whole bag. Additionally, there are fried chile limon peanuts and spicy-sweet tamarind fruit. I’d never tried tamarind fruit.. I have had tamarind margaritas and eaten it in a spice form but never the whole fruit. It does contain SEEDS so be careful. The trick is to eat around the tamarind fruit.


In a society where homeopathic remedies and holistic and natural medicine are becoming more and more popular these use of teas are becoming quite popular. Canino sales teas that assist with depression, ulcers, alcoholism. Those that help fight Cancer, cure hemorrhoids and help battle epilepsy. I am totally not a doctor so no medical help here, but if you suffer from something less complex like allergies, possibly try some of the tea before spending all your cash on over the counter medicines.


The Nopal or Prickly Pear cactus is something I have never tried before but it looked super cool that I couldn’t pass it up without learning more about it! They are particularly common in their native Mexico where the plant is a common ingredient in numerous Mexican cuisine dishes in which it can be eaten raw or cooked. It can be used in marmalades, soups stews and salads, as well as being used for traditional medicine. They are said to have a light, slightly tart flavor, like green beans, and a crisp, mucilaginous texture. Be careful when removing the prickly green skin and spine.. the flesh under the skin is what you want to use.


Come out to Canino Produce and Farmers Market for the most beautiful vegetables and fruits. Parking can be a bit crazy but there is a lot available for guest parking. Canino is Open 6am to 8pm daily except Thanksgiving, Christmas, December 25 & December 26.


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Houston’s Farmers Market

2520 Airline Dr
Houston, TX 77009


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