Chipotle Launches Vegan Friendly Tofu Sofritas in Houston


Chipotle is changing the face of fast food with their new Tofu Sofritas.

A “Sofrita” is a sauce used as a base in Spanish and Latin American cooking and typically consists of an aromatic spice blend of, garlic, onion, paprika, peppers, and tomatoes cooked in olive oil. When paired with organic tofu that has been chopped and braised in chipotle chilis and roasted poblanos, the combination is simply delightful. In fact, if this had been a blind tasting, I would have sworn it was meat.

For those of you living under a rock, Chipotle Mexican Grill is a more healthy fast-food chain that specializes in sustainably raised food. Fresh, organic ingredients from family owned farms ensures that your meal isn’t chock full of “shit”..literally. Their proteins aren’t injected with those icky hormones and antibiotics like most major chains, so you can eat here worry free, especially with the addition of Chipotle’s Tofu Sofrita.

I’ve tried tofu dishes before. They’ve usually consisted of a pad thai or curry. So I looked forward to the incorporation of Latin flavors. If this had been a blind tasting, I would have sworn that I was eating chorizo (Mexican pork sausage). The super fine chopping of the tofu mixed with the soup base, that texture wise, tastes just like meat. <– This note is more so for the diner who eats/has eaten or is trying to eliminate meat “cold-turkey.”  I ordered mine on a bed of brown rice, topped with peppers and salsa, and it was great. The house made dressing is the bomb, and the chips are a plus!


Chipotle also serves Patron Silver and Sauza Margaritas to get the party started OR simply to help you make it through your evening! For $7.15 you get 14 ounces of fresh, hand shaken, lemony-lime goodness. It was surprisingly very good. It was simple, crisp, and went down easy. It’s nice to know that I can get a good margarita when I decide to dine in and not be subjected to some syrupy-sweet slush out of a machine that’s been churning all day.

As the culinary scene evolves so does the face and future of fast food. You must be smart and flexible in the world of “chefs and Haute cuisine”,  and in my opinion Chipotle should definitely be in your top 3 fast food stops. The food is great, filling, and fresh. The tomatoes are hand chopped, and their guacamole is made fresh each day. I would like to add that the guacamole is amazing. I IMMEDIATELY told Iliana, the Marketing rep for the chain, that I didn’t like guacamole and was more of an “avocado chick.” She insisted that I try it and of course I caved! It was creamy and seasoned to perfection.. yum.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a “feel good” establishment.  Its newly updated “open air” concept with the long tables and high bar stools are perfect for groups. It’s family friendly too! You can also get your meal to-go. The food travels well and tastes great when enjoyed at home on your couch.

As I finish the last of my Tofu Sofrita salad, all I can think about is how happy I am about this new addition, and how I can’t wait to introduce it to my co-workers on Monday, when it makes its menu debut at the Midtown location.


2625 Louisiana Street, Suite K

Houston, TX 77006

Phone — (713) 231-1353


Hours — Mon-Sun 11am-10pm


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Reply October 10, 2014

Can't wait to try it out!
    Reply October 10, 2014

    They are totally amazing and the Sofritas are worth a try. Make sure to try a Patron Silver Margarita!

Raymara Robbins
Reply October 15, 2014

As a vegan, sofritas has gotten me on the Chipotle train finally after all these years. We've had it up here in Baltimore for a while but what we DON'T have is margaritas in our stores? What in the sam hail!!!!
    Reply October 15, 2014

    What?! No Ritas!! I am penning a letter right now to the local legislative officials of Baltimore. This is an injustice! LOL... That is why I love Chipotle, they make it easy for those who want to eat out but still maintain their "conscious eater" lifestyle.

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