Authentic Mexican Food In The Woodlands: La Bikina Restaurant Y Cantina

Finally some AUTHENTIC MEXICAN food, but the Woodlands is certainly not where I ever imagined finding it… shame on me. With all the hustle, bustle and growth in that area there is no reason a restaurant like La Bikina can’t be uber successful. Actually, last night was so packed that the word “successful” may be an understatement.

Felix, the General Manager shared amazing stories with us about the current state of “Mexico” and it’s business owners. Crime has gotten so bad there that no business can truly survive on their own without the help of some “unwilling” and relentless “security” so they come here..more specifically the Woodlands.

The food was absolutely amazing. Someone’s Abuelita is back there in the kitchen, I just know it or better yet.. I just TASTE it!!

We started with the Panuchos , which comes in an order of 4 little tacos. Great for little hands and I am certain it’s a “kid favorite”. The Tacos Al Pastor were just okay to me. I found the marinated pork to be a bit dry, but the pineapple pico was great and added nice flavor to the meat. By far a favorite among the group were the Tacos De Camaron – tempura shrimp tacos with habenero aoili. Described in two words: hot and perfect!

Not to go unmentioned was the Molcajete De Queso “stone bowl of cheese”. It was served table side and we were simply amazed! It was steaming hot when served and then is chopped with a knife and fork at the table and served with little corn tortillas. Dear Lord, please let this be what heaven is all about.

 Now, I don’t know much about authentic anything but this whole fried red snapper was the freaking REAL DEAL and had us all in a daze. Should we fork it or should we knife it? So many questions. After trying both of those “politically correct” methods we said to hell with it and began to claw at it like BEASTS.

Eating its crunchy tail and fins, while wasting no time devouring its meaty body was serious fun. We took pride is sending back only bones to the kitchen. We were barbaric in that moment, focusing on nothing but the fish. We dared a friend to eat the eyeball, it wasn’t that hard because every other part of the fish was so good. But this fell short, don’t eat the eyes.

Dessert was also amazing and exquisitely presented. The Churros that were served had to be as tall as me and I am 5’1 (in real life, 5’4 on my license). Served with a trio of dipping sauces: Dulce De Leche, Chocolate and Vanilla, made is hard to choose which sauce to use. So being the innovative foodie that I am, I made my own “happy plate” –as my 7 year old niece would say. The chocolate sauce was my favorite of the 3!

We were also presented with these fun little clay pots stuffed with Mexican chocolate mousse and topped with crumbled, Mexican, chocolate cookies. As stated time and time again..I am not a big chocolate fan, but this had me licking my spoon and my pot!

Last but certainly NOT least..the Margaritas. I mean, what is Mexican food with out a solid rita to wash it all down with. I will just say this, if you have never had a Tamarind Margarita, get your first one from La Bikina and you will never want one from any where else. The perfect sweetness from the tamarind and the salt & spice from the Chile Limon (we call it lucas in Texas) rim made me squeal like a the little chocolate piggy I am!

La Bikina is a great place to get those real flavors that many “tex-mex” places in Houston WISH they could replicate.

You won’t be satisfied until you try it and you won’t be sorry until you realize that top button on your favorite pants has popped and flown across the restaurant.

Happy Eating!


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